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Acura is a division of the Honda corporation that specializes in premium autos production. It’s the first Japanese brand that came in the market of luxurious autos, changing leaders in the segment. A philosophy of creating products that would be ahead of their time laid the foundation of the new marque. Acura engineers take cars as not separate mechanisms but a means of expansion of human possibilities.

The Brand’s Name and Logo

Ira Bachrach was ordered to make up the name for the new Honda marque. He used the method of logical speculation and deep analysis. As a basis for a new word, he took a Latin morpheme ‘acu’. In many world languages, it means ‘accuracy’ and ‘precision’. As a result, he coined an all-new word – ‘acura’ – that is absolutely unique and meaningful. What’s more, these five letters fully convey the brand’s strategy. Bachrach affirms that it’s impossible to point out novelty of some idea with a common word. Only a new and clear one can do it.

The letter A on the marque’s emblem is actually an image of a calliper, a device used for precise measurement of a distance between an object’s sides when scheming. Such a choice isn’t random; it’s intended to emphasize technological and design perfection of the products under this marque.


Acura automobile brand was set in 1986 when its assembly plants and distribution network started to operate in the USA. The first Acura car, the Integra, was made on the basis of the Honda Legend and was equipped with a 6-cylinder V-type engine. It was available as a sedan, coupe, and a hatchback.

In 1989, at the Chicago Auto Show, the first model of the legendary Acura NSX sports car was unveiled. It introduced a new world leader in the sphere of premium sports cars manufacture. The NSX had a lightweight, aluminium body and powerful VTEC engine with titanic conrods.

The New Millennium

In 2001, Acura’s first crossover, the MDX, which became a best-seller in its class during the first year of sales, was unveiled at the New York Auto Show. Most of American automobile magazines and rating agencies agreed in an opinion to award the model the ‘Car of the Year’ title.

There was a number of advanced technologies in the MDX: the best in its class navigation system, torque management system, Bluetooth HandsFree Link wireless communication system, etc.

2001 saw another Acura’s masterpiece – the EL new compact sports saloon designed on the Civic VII platform of a new generation. It was an ultra-low emission vehicle powered by a new 1.7-litre 127 hp VTEC engine. The car was sold only in Canada.

In 2002, the automaker launched a new model, the RSX, meant to substitute the longstanding Integra (produced since 1986). It was equipped with a 2-litre 200 hp Type R motor and 6-speed transmission.

In 2004, the luxurious Acura TL saloons of the third generation were introduced. A few months after they started to be sold, the model became a leader in the segment of business-class saloons. In 2005, the TL was recognized to be the ‘Most Desirable Car’.

In 2005-2006, Acura’s versions equipped with the revolutionary SH-AWD system started to be actively produced. Among them were the RL and the RDX.

In 2012, at the North American International Auto Show, Acure represented a new version of the NSX super car. It had a new centrally located 6-cylinder VTEC engine of V-type with direct injection. Also, it used the innovative Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system that provided easy car handling and dynamics.

Over its history, Acura was awarded the most prestigious prizes and titles in the sphere of innovative technologies and safety many times. The brand was at the top of such American ratings as J. D. Powers’, Motor Trend, Car and Driver’s 10 Best List, etc.

During almost 30 years of the marque’s existence, it has never compromised its principles: a premium car must be not only reliable, dynamic, and comfortable but also technologically innovative, with dare design; a driver must take pleasure while behind its wheel.

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