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Alfa Romeo 156

In the last decade, the popularity of station wagon cars in the European market has grown considerably. A special, prestigious and sports group (Audi A4 Avant, BMW 3 Touring, Volvo V40) was distinguished among them, in which the appearance has become more important than capacity. The newest “player in this field” was the Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon. It should be noted that the original 156 was planned in just one touring car version - 4-door sedan with a strong sports character. But competitors stepped up sales of not less sports wagon and Alfa decided on five-door Sportwagon 156, more information you will find in Alfa Romeo 156 Review.

Exterior and Interior

It is not easy to find a man who would not like sedan Alfa Romeo 156. The proportionality, integrity and sporty appearance stayed the same and the originality and expressiveness was perhaps even increased. The roofline has become more sloping, and because of this Sportwagon looks like 5-door coupe.

Amid the splendor of the exterior, the interior design advantages are commendable. The instrument panel is a modern interpretation of the classic Alfa Romeo of 60-70-ies - the main instruments are recessed in two separate “wells”, and additionally set on a central console. The interior door panels are richly decorated. Not only front, but also rear seats look sporty. The quality of the interior of the assembly “156th” is almost at the level of the prestigious German counterparts, only slightly inferior in the refinement of finishing materials.

The seats with improved lateral support and adjustment of the steering column provide convenience to drivers of different height and build. As for the trunk, its volume is small relative to peers. The placement of bulky items is interfered strongly by wheel arches and a high sill of the fifth door. The advantage of the trunk is wealth upholstery and a decent set of useful things: two side glove compartments, pressing net on the floor level and vertical grille enclosing the cabin from a dog or highly stockpiled goods.

Dynamics and Acceleration

Not very light car (1305 kg) and 1.8l engine doesn’t provide extreme agility. Rather, given the high peak of maximum power (6500 rev / min) the motor is smooth and convenient. In general, the dynamics of dispersal is higher than that of most competitors with 1800 cc, including the BMW 318 and Audi A4. In addition the adherence works softly and the gear shift is quite clear. The brake pedal is informative and does not require getting used to, and the anti-lock system comes into action not too early.


Judging by the number of steering gear (only 2.2 turnover from lock to lock) Sportwagon must be different with a sharp reactions to the slightest turn of the wheel. The steering has good sports sensitivity, high accuracy and distinct reactive action. In heavy acceleration, after 3500 rev / min the motor quite frankly declares itself, gradually raising its “voice” in proportion to further speed increase. The air conditioner works efficiently, and the rear seat passengers are provided with their own air ducts and vents.

It is clear that the Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon is not for lovers of capacity and practicality - they choose the VW Passat Variant or the Peugeot 406 Break. Alpha competitors are “branding” station wagons BMW 318 Touring, Audi A4 Avant and Volvo V40.

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