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Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeo 159 is not a novelty in the market, but for some reason, such a bright and beautiful car is rarely seen on the roads. Bella Alfa in Europe is not very widespread, but in Italy this model is loved and bought often. It is very hard not to fall in love with Alfa Romeo 159, Italians are the experts in the design, but in the Alfa Romeo 159 Maestro Giugiaro has surpassed all. This and more you will read in Alfa Romeo 159 Review.

The package “TI” (Turismo Internazionale) involves substantial list of improvements. In fact, it is the “correct” factory tuning. Outside, it is distinguished by sills, lightweight wheels of R19 special design, the Brembo powerful red calipers, with Alfa-Romeo labels and nameplates. The technique of “TI” means a rigid sports suspension, reduced ground clearance by 20 mm, sharp steering and the special exhaust system with tuned acoustics.


Design of Alfa Romeo 159 immediately stuns with its beauty and grace. Moreover the photos do not show all of its subtleties, alive the vehicle always looks better. It is unreal beautiful, though it is not a futuristic beauty of concept car, but modern interpretation of classic design at the junction of centuries and generations. Each element is a separate masterpiece. Alfa “shield” of radiator grille, flowing smoothly into the bonnet line, gives the front fascia a special “prey” grace and perfection. On the side Alfa Romeo 159 looks just charming, like a beautiful body of mannequins, thanks to slight “muscular” lines. Due to low clearance (actually about 8 cm) Alfa Romeo 159 TI looks so graceful.


The interior of Alfa is another masterpiece of design. It has everything: a modern interpretation of classics, turned to the driver center console, excellent sports seats and the chill of the aluminum touch which instantly causes a storm of emotions. But perhaps, Alfa Romeo has something that other cars can’t boast with - Cuore Sportive Alfa (Alfa sporting spirit), which is appreciated by true fans of the brand. The steering wheel is generally a separate “story”. It is real sport, with aluminum and convenient rim, with red stitching and a comfortable touch.

The luggage compartment can’t surprise with anything special. It is very modest - 405 liters, has a narrow opening, but under the floor there is a spare part of the 19-inch wheels. If you want to transport long-length - the rear seat backs can be folded. There is even a hatch to transport skis.

Drive and Powertrain

If the design of Alfa Romeo 159 is definitely the best trump card, the drive - is the second important feature of its image. After a trip in Alfa it becomes clear that this drive constantly causes many positive emotions. Alfa is equipped with a gasoline 2.2-liter JTS engine producing 185 hp and a 6-speed robotized Selespeed Gearbox. For a sedan weighing 1490 kg this power is very good. It should be noted that the Italian Selespeed is an analogue of “robot” DSG, which promises a truly sporty tempo of gear change.

Starting the engine is a ritual when the red instrument illumination awakens. A short selespeed lever in position “D” and accelerator pedal - Alfa needs more acceleration to pull away. The vehicle follows the movements of the steering wheel as if alive, it is mobile and maneuverable.

The Alfa Romeo 159 accelerating dynamics from 0-100 km\h is 8,7 s, which is slightly faster than the 2-liter Honda Accord, but slower than the BMW 320i. Alfa Romeo shows confident, but not overwhelming acceleration right up to “maximum speed” of 222 km\h.

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