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Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77 is a supercar of the British company produced from 2009 to 2012. However, this statement is not entirely correct. This model was not a series in these years, it was only assembled at that time. As for sales, all 77 copies price of 1 500 000 € each, were sold out for a year before the official show. This vehicle is very rare, so if you see it on the street this is a huge success; more of this amazing car we are going to say in Aston Martin One-77 Review.

Each of these cars was assembled on a special order, so in theory there are no two identical Aston Martin One-77. In addition, the company immediately announced that journalists would never sit behind the wheel of this hypercar, but after a year of negotiations, the prestigious Top Gear team did manage to get the right to drive this car and shared the impressions with the world.


Aston Martin One-77 is easy to notice - it causes furor and general excitement. The front part of a car is very powerful and low, a huge grille takes up almost the entire bumper, and beneath there is an air duct. The hood and front fenders are decorated very originally with semicircular grooves, head optics are oblong and harmoniously combined with impressive air vents, which are located in the lateral sectors of the front bumper.

On the side the car looks aggressive and fast. In the huge wheel arches which are almost flush with the hood, there are 20-inch wheels, complete with low profile tires. The doors and front fenders are made with stamping and nozzles that are not only functional, but also add swiftness to the car.


The engine is the highlight of Aston Martin One-77 and something to be proud of. After all, this engine is still the world's most powerful atmospheric unit. The long hood is necessary to hide a 7.3-liter, V-shaped system with a 12-cylinder, overhead-camshaft, a special design of overflow valves and a mass of modern electronics. All this makes the unique motor.

It reaches 100 just in 3.7 seconds, while still being able to accelerate the car to 354 km/h. And the sound of the engine is amazing – at about 4000 rpm it recalls the roar, and later it turns into a shrill squeal, complete with a metal screech. This is how the modern hypercar should sound.

The acceleration is extraordinarily powerful - even at high speeds the body is constantly pressed into the seat. Aston Martin One-77 is equipped with a robotised manual transmission from the DB9; although it has been modernized, nonetheless it became rather “rough”. It lacks the clarity and smoothness of switching; and when the car of this level at switching gears feels obvious jerks and jolts this is mauvais ton. Furthermore, it quickly overheats, especially in hot weather causing the dashboard alarm lamp blinking.


Interior of Aston Martin One-77 is very peculiar. It seems that the adjusted, sleek lines the designers tried to take inside. The dashboard literally sags on the passengers, and it has a significant angle. In the same position there is a center console. There are not many buttons and they are not needed at such speeds.

The seats are like grabs - they will never let you out even on a sharp turn. The steering wheel is not quite round and slightly flattened on the sides - in this configuration it is easier to handle, especially in terms of “race” adjustment.

The dashboard in Aston Martin One-77, as in the DB9 modification, is equipped with speedometer and tachometer with diverging arrows. The visibility is excellent (you only need to get used to the long hood), finishing materials are noble, sound insulation is good, there are all necessary options, ergonomics is thoroughly thought-out, the switches are intuitive.

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