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Audi A4

The new Audi A4 (B9) was presented at the auto show in Frankfurt and has already won the prestigious “Golden Steering Wheel”. It retained the sports smartness and business rigor. It is no accident that in regard of this sedan Audi sticks to the classic version, because in Europe the A4 has always been one of sales-making and strategic models. So changes in the design of a new car have been made with the utmost caution. As a result, from whatever angle you look, you unmistakably recognize this vehicle, which will be described in Audi A4 Review.


Vertical slots in the corners of the front bumper form flat air streams which flow around the front wheels and this improves the aerodynamics. The mirrors are now fixed not on the window frame, but on the window sill of the front door and are very similar to the mirror on the Porsche. The optics has changed markedly, there are no such interesting headlamps as on Audi A4 - they are introduced with Y-shaped running LED-lights. Particularly severe and insightful is a look of A4 with all-LED headlights. Matrix LED is available as an option.

On the side it is noticeable that the front is a bit sharp, but the other features are familiar: a rounded dome roof, triangular window in the rear rack, flat edge along the body and lifted “tail” of the trunk. At the rare view the Audi A4 got rid of fullness. The hull back became more elegant due to narrower lights and reflective elements on the edges of the bumper.


The materials are traditionally high quality and top-level, front panel in A4 (B9) is more elegant and offers better ergonomics. For the interior, you can select multiple design options: basic, design, sports or S line.

The interior sings farewells to the massiveness of dashboard tools with a steep wall of the central console and the plurality of switches. Today refined shapes and sophisticated style is more popular. Airflow deflector looks particularly attractive in the entire space of the dashboard in front of the passenger as on the flagship crossover Audi Q7.

The central monitor in the A4 is inserted into the panel, all the necessary information, including a phone book in an abbreviated form, is duplicated on the instrument panel. The central part is slightly turned to the driver, and it offers easy to manage Audi drive select system. The multimedia interface MMI Plus system is moved to the floor board. Trunk volume has not changed, but it is now more convenient to use as a rear bench folds back into a more universal proportions of 40:20:40, and not 40:60 as before.


With the change of generation Audi A4 has changed the gamma of engines. The range of available engines starts with a gasoline engine of 1.4 liters with turbocharging and direct injection (TFSI) - its power is 150 hp and maximum torque of 250 Nm (1500-3000 rev / min). Acceleration with this motor from 0 to 100 km / h takes 8.9 seconds, top speed is 210 km / h, average fuel consumption is 5.3 liters.

Another petrol engine - the two-liter TFSI - available in two variants: 190 hp and 249 hp, while torque is respectively 320 m (1450-4200 rev / min) and 370 Nm (1600-4500 rev / min). With these engines a top speed is 240 and 250 km / h, acceleration to “hundreds” - 7.3 and 5.8 seconds, consumption - 5.1 and 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

The two-liter turbo diesel engine is also available in two versions - 150 hp and 190 hp, torque is 320 Nm (1500-3250 rev / min) at the first and 400 Nm (1750-3000 rev / min) at the second. Dynamic characteristics are respectively - 8.7 and 7.7 to accelerate to “hundreds”, top speed is 219 km / h and 237 km / h. Fuel consumption - 4.2 and 4.5 liters. Engines are equipped with a 7-speed gearbox S-Tronic. Primary engines 1.4 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI are available with manual transmission.


The interface allows the smartphone to transfer all the information (navigation, music, phone book) on a display. It implements the work of CarPlay and Android Auto through voice control or by using the joystick on the center console.

Multimedia MMI Plus system management is located in the floor board. A round joystick, buttons and petals are comfortable to reach by putting a wrist on the “cradle” of the gearbox selector. Depending on the settings of auto - Efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual, the driver has different feelings in the cabin.

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