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Bentley Arnage

In the automotive world the “new Bentley” concept is treated quite reserved. The history of the brand itself states that a large part of the vehicles with a letter B was no more than sporting modifications of Rolls-Royce. In 60 years in the design bureau of Bentley they even developed own philosophy of restyling “change without changing anything”. And Arnage model 2005 year, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, was assembled in accordance with it: there were no fundamental differences from the current Arnage. More of this will be described in Bentley Arnage Review.

The rectangular headlamps were replaced by dual circular like on Continental GT. Now the low beams are xenon, and high beams are halogen. At the same time the stylists slightly processed the form of the grille and bonnet which are traditionally integral with each other.


Arnage 2005 received an improved bi-turbo 6.7-liter V8 management system, through which it now complies with Euro 4. However, because of this the power and torque were affected (the reduced pressure of turbocharger lowered the herd of horses and newton number from 450 to 400 hp and from 875 to 835 Nm. The third and last modernization – the improving of the suspension, which gave a start to the change in position of the lower attachment points of rear shock absorbers. On assurances of engineers by reducing the rigidity of the chassis, now the back passengers at speeds of 200 km / h will feel more comfortable.


All other changes have affected the Arnage cabin, which however is considered one of the best. Nevertheless the “changes” is a loud world; another axiom guided by Bentley states that there must be a strong argument for any changes. Apparently in the case with the Arnage there were no arguments. Engineers have focused on the problem of dashboard congestion. In debutant the significant amount of secondary controls such as buttons and adjustments of heating seats are hidden under shifted wood paneling. In addition to the new dashboard, the car got better music and navigation systems using DVD-technology.

Trim Levels

As before, the Arnage is offered in three versions: basic R, RL with lengthened base by 250 mm and the maximum “equipped” T. The latest version of the engine develops the former 450 hp. However, even the extended version of RL is not larger than the standard Maybach 57, not to mention the longer 62nd. However, the most expensive Arnage T costs 280 thousand Euros - less than the Maybach 57.

The number of variants of coloring of a body was increased - 40 instead of the previous 22. Moreover, Bentley on request can be actually painted in any color. The same applies to the list of optional equipment – anything for your money.

Engineering Performance of Bentley Arnage R(T):

- Motor: 6.75, 400 (450hp);

- Dimensions: 5405/1930/1515 mm;

- Wheelbase: 3115 mm;

- Cargo Volume: 350 L;

- Max. Speed: 249 (270) km / h;

- Acceleration from 0 - 100 km / h in 6.6 (5.5);

- Fuel Consumption: highway - city, 14,3 - 27,7 l / 100 km.

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