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It’s wrong to assume that BMW stands for the “Best Motors in the World” although the company has a perfect right to be called in such a way. BMW is a member of the German Big 3 luxury automobile producers that set the world sales records, along with Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

BMW AG, originally standing for Bayerische Motoren Werke (a literal translation is “Bavarian Motor Works”), is a German automobile, engine, and motorcycle producing company headquartered in Munich, Bavaria. BMW is the parent company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars as well as the owner and manufacturer of Mini cars. BMW specializes not only in autos but motorcycles, too, - it makes BMW Motorrad motorcycles.


BMW business entity appeared after the Rapp Motoren Werke aircraft engine manufacturing company was reorganized in 1917. At that time, the aircraft engine production was ceased in compliance with the Versailles Armistice Treaty. It prompted them to shift to the production of motorcycles in 1923. Since 1928-1929, the company has been making cars. Its first auto was the BMW Dixi, based on Austin 7.

In 1959, when the company had serious financial difficulties, its leaders decided to buy the rights to produce the Italian Iso Isetta and power the car with a modified BMW motorcycle engine, reckoning it would improve the tough situation they got into. This idea proved to be successful.

In 1966, BMW purchased the Hans Glas GmbH, a German automobile company. The company became the owner of the DesignworksUSA industrial design studio in 1995. In 1994, it acquired the British Rover Group, but six years later, its brands were sold to the Phoenix Consortium and Ford due to huge losses.

Since 1959, about 46 per cent of the BMW AG shares belong to the Quandts family. The rest is in public float.


BMW logo can be interpreted in different ways. Originally, it was held that it symbolized a spinning aircraft propeller – white blades against the blue sky. However, at the BMW Museum in Munich, another theory is suggested. They hold that the logo represents the colours of the flag of the Free State of Bavaria – white and blue.


BMW brand is considered to be one of the most reliable in an automobile industry. Many people dream about owning this high-quality car. Apart from manufacturing cars, the company provides first-class service to prolong working lifespan of its vehicles. BMW has its representative offices all over the world. It makes units for the autos in Germany, Mexico, the USA, Russia, China, the UK, Austria, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, and South Africa. BMW builds up petrol engines in 56 per cent of its cars. All the rest are powered by diesel engines.

BMW offers a range of autos of different types to choose from: sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, station wagons, crossovers, off-road cars, minivans, pick-up cars, cabriolets, and roadsters.

In 2012, the Forbes magazine ranked BMW AG the most trustworthy company in the world. Such parameters as people’s willingness to recommend, buy, invest, and work for the company were evaluated. In the course of the survey, it was found out that people’s answers were mostly determined by their attitude to the company itself (60%) rather than to its products (40%).

Environment Protection

It’s impossible to live in the modern world and stay indifferent to its vital problems. Each of us can and must contribute to eradicating the problem of the Earth’s pollution. Obviously, BMW administration reckons the same – in 2013, the company launched the BMW i3, which became the first all-electric series production model by the manufacturer.

BMW is the first to use Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic for a car frame. This innovation significantly contributes to the auto’s top-class performance and spacious design.

As for the design, the BMW i3 is very roomy inside – up to four passengers can enjoy a trip by it. For the auto’s interior, mainly natural resources are used: eucalyptus wood, olive leaf extract to protect the leather against fading. Moreover, about 25 per cent of the interior is made of recycled materials and renewable raw.

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