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Buick vehicles deserve a true commendation and can be described in two words: premium luxury. Indeed, being the oldest brand in the USA and one of the oldest marques in the world, its cars served hand and foot to several generations of customers in and outside America. Today Buick is a synonym for well-being and success, admittedly like a century ago!

Merits & Records

Did you know that Buick began operations in 1899? There is hardly a company that can boast such a long business history, full of innovations and global accolades. For more than a 115-years’ experience, the brand has pioneered in a variety of segments of automotive industry. Its major merit is the introduction of turn signals in 1939, which are nowadays an integral part of any vehicle. It was not earlier than a decade later that other automakers began integrating the turn signals into their solutions.

Buick’s elaborations were a cornerstone of the foundation of General Motors in 1908. Currently, the latter is an official owner of the brand. GM management team position Buick vehicles as premium, above the mainstream Chevrolet but below the flagship Cadillac. Its top-tier identity is vindicated by annual increase in sales; as of 2014, the company sold some 1.170.115 units worldwide, breaking its previous sales records. However, GM limits their distribution area by American, Chinese, Mexican, and Canadian markets.

To continue, Buick put its best foot forward during WWII period. In 1942 it manufactured a globally known M18 Hellcat army tank; in addition, it supplied engines to army airplanes B-24 Liberator, Douglas C-54 Skymaster/C-47 Skytrain.

Curiously enough, this luxury brand sells more cars in the Chinese market than in its domestic one. Sales in China make up about 35% of an overall sales volume, i.e. in 2007 GM realized more than 330.000 units there. Besides, in pre-WWII period, one of five vehicles in the most populous Asian country was Buick-branded.


It’s possible to endlessly make a pitch for Buick’s upmarket vehicles, although all praises would be vain without a confirmation. Luckily, this high-end brand has a lot of awards in store. Here are some recent accolades:

- 2015: Best Value Luxury Brand, Highest Customer Satisfaction with Dealer Service for Mass Market Brands, Luxury Full-Size SUV (Enclave 2015), Entry-Level Luxury Car (Verano 2015),

- 2014: Highest Ranked Small SUV in Initial Quality in a Tie (Encore 2014), Consumer Guide Automotive Best Buy Award (LaCrosse 2014, Verano 2014);

- 2013: Strategic Vision Total Quality Award (Enclave 2013), IIHS 2013 Top Safety Pick (Encore 2013);

- 2012: The Best Cars for the Money: June 2012 Edition (Regal, Verano, LaCrosse, Enclave), Best Value in America Awards for the 2012 Model Year (Enclave).

Lineup Timeline

The first prototype Buick’s vehicles appeared between 1899-1902 period. They were designed in Detroit, Michigan, by Walter Lorenzo Marr. The first market-oriented Model B was introduced in 1904 (Flint, Michigan), totaling 37 units. Unfortunately, none of them survived till these days. In 1909 the company’s manufacturers released Model F, and two years later – the first closed-body solution.

In the following years Buick showcased a number of innovative elaborations, including engines, car parts, design templates, and, of course, new body types of vehicles (including Electra, LeSabre, Invicta, Riviera, Skyhawk, Wildcat, Centurion, Somerset). In 2001 an American-based automaker unveiled its first SUV – the Rendezvous crossover.

Current Buick’s lineup consists of five models: Encore (mini-crossover), Enclave (full-size luxury crossover), LaCrosse (mid-sized sedan), Regal (mid-sized sports sedan) & Verano (entry-level compact sedan). The 2016 model line will be replenished with new Enclave Tuscan Edition and new Cascada (convertible).


For many years Buick has enjoyed a huge popularity among customers and luxury automobiles devotees. Hence, in 1966 brand’s fans established the Buick Club of America – a non-profit organization that takes responsibility for the preservation and restoration of old Buick vehicles.

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