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Cadillac, one of the oldest car brands in the world and the second oldest in the USA, has been always associated with luxury, quality and dearness. Being a full-blown division of General Motors most of its history, the company made a solid name in automotive industry due to the introduction of advanced technologies in design and engineering. Currently, its primary markets involve the USA, China and Canada; yet, it shows a strong presence in other upmarket segments as well.

Establishment and Current Facilities

Cadillac was established in 1902 from the relics of the Henry Ford Company. It was Henry Leland who persuaded William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen to proceed with automotive business that appeared to be a success. The triple called the new brand in honor of sieur de Cadillac who founded Detroit in 1701. In 1909 an already well-known company was acquired by General Motors conglomerate, which owns the brand till nowadays.

Cadillac vehicles were distinguished by the interchangeability of precision parts. This innovation laid foundation for the present-day manufacture of motor cars. This feature allowed the automaker to win the Dewar Trophy first time in history of American auto production.

In addition, the company is thought to be a pioneer in the integration of electrical systems, steel roof, and clashless manual transmission. The first automobiles to roll of the production line were two-seat Tonneau and Runabout, equipped with a single-cylinder engine.

Today Cadillac’s facilities allow producing thousands of vehicles per year. In 2012 the brand sold more than 149 thousand units only in the USA. Its current operations are located in the USA (Detroit Assembly, Lansing Grand River Assembly, Arlington Assembly), Mexico (Ramos Arizpe), Canada (Oshawa Car Assembly), Shanghai (Shanghai GM), Russia (Avtotor in Kaliningrad). Each plant specializes in one or several models at once.


Cadillac vehicles were honored with the title the US Car of the Year five times in history:

1949 – Cadillac Motor Division for innovations in V8 engine design;

1952 – Cadillac Motor Division as a whole;

1992 – Seville Touring Sedan model;

2008 – CTS model;

2014 – new CTS model.

Moreover, at different times Cadillac was entitled with various other awards: 2014 A Top Rated Vehicle (CTS VSport), Consumer Guide Automotive ‘Best Buy’ (2014 CTS Sedan), Motor Trend’s Car of the Year (CTS Sedan), 2013 Top Safety Pick (TXS), 2012 Esquire Car of the Year (ATS), 2012 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for Safety by NHTSA (SRX Crossover, CTS Sport Wagon, CTS Sport Sedan), etc.

Engine Breakthrough

In 1915 Cadillac showcased an innovative 90-degree flathead V8 engine. It featured 70 horsepower and could attain the speed of 65 mph. This rate index was faster than erstwhile roads could accommodate. In the following years the company introduced the dual-plane V8 crankshaft, clashless manual transmission with constant mesh gears, and two other engine types – V-12, V-16. V-16 engine featured 165 horsepower and was peculiar by a low noise level. As a consequence, breakthrough in engine development made the brand the ‘Standard of the World’.

‘Art and Science’ Approach

At the dawn of a new millennium, Cadillac proudly introduced an updated corporate philosophy, entitled ‘Art and Science’. It was based on the idea of innovative design, saturated with high technology and sheer forms. Thus, the team decided to add luxury SUVs, roadsters and crossovers with rear-wheel or 4x4 drives to its sedans inventory. Cadillac’s current lineup is as follows:

- ATS Coupe/Sedan;

- CTS Sedan;

- XTS Sedan;

- Escalade ESV;

- SRX Crossover.

Next year GM’s division promises to release two other models – ATS-V Coupe and ATS-V Sedan. The first model is going to satisfy the whims of sports daredevils; it totally transforms the on-road feelings at the start. The other model is a perfect balance of power and performance which make routine driving a true delight.

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