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One can hardly find a place where vehicles under Chevrolet brand would not be tearing along the road. In fact, the brand is omnipresent! Nowadays customers from all over the world are blessed to have a safe and a high-performance car on hand. Produced with functionality in mind, Chevrolet solutions are called to fulfill various daily tasks, starting from passenger transportation and finishing with commercial use.

Flash Facts

Did you know that Chevrolet:

- introduced its globally recognized bowtie emblem in 1913? It was first used in H and L series models (Royal Mail, Baby Grand, Light Six), though its origins have not been figured out till present days;

- is the only automaker in the world so far to incorporate an innovative built-in OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot in its new cars? This hotspot offers high bandwidth and the possibility to connect simultaneously up to seven devices;

- received the most 2014 5-Star Overall Vehicle Scores (as defined by NHTSA) of any other brand? An amazing 8 2014 models were lucky to receive five Overall Vehicle Scores for Safety;

- is a holder of multiple reputable awards, widely acknowledged by the global community? Here is only a short list of the most recent tributes: Motor Trend’s 2015 Truck of the Year (Chevrolet Colorado), Best Driver’s Car of 2014 (Camaro Z/28), Diesel Car of the Year in 2014 (Cruze Turbo Diesel), 2014 Top Safety Pick, 2012 European Car of the Year & 2012 World Green Car of the Year (Volt).

Since Origins Till Nowadays

Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company (col. Chevy) began operations more than a hundred years ago (in 1911). Founded by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant, the company has soon become a success. Later on, Duran took advantage of the situation to acquire a controlling share in GM; the move followed by an official merger of the two automakers (1918) and Duran’s ascent to the presidency of the venture.

Yet, the founder couldn’t hold his position for long, as already in a year the post has been taken by Alfred Sloan. His principal decision was to produce cars for every purse and purpose. With this idea in mind, the automaker settled down to the production of mainstream units which have become best sellers in a 10-years’ period. By 1919, Chevy’s plants have been spread over six US states; another factory was operating in Ontario, Canada.

Chevy’s first noticeable makes were Series 490, Series D, soon dropped due to poor sales volume. During the 1920s-1940s the company was competing with its key rivals – Ford & Plymouth. The triple was generally known as the ‘low-priced three’. However, already in 1929 Chevrolet engineers designed a revolutionary ‘Stovebolt’ (inline six-cylinder engine), while Ford still used a flathead four engine. Four years later they managed to elaborate an innovative Standard Six engine.

In early 1950s Chevy marveled the world by its most outstanding car – Corvette. It was a two-seater sportier with a fiberglass body. Further on, the team introduced vehicles, including Corvette, with innovative fuel-injected engines. In 1960 a new Corvair with a rear-mounted air-cooled engine was launched. The next ten years Corvette remained the best-selling make in the US market.

Since the debut in 1955, small-block V8 platform have been a dominating design pattern for all company’s models. ‘Improved’ descendants of the V8 are in production even nowadays.

Today Chevy moves heaven and earth to elaborate environmentally friendly, fuel-saving and super comfortable vehicles. Its efforts are not futile: in 2010 it released a plug-in electric Volt that instantly won the hearts of average customers and authoritative bodies. By 2010, this automaker had run active operations in over 140 countries, while its yearly sales volume had approximated 4.76 million units (as of 2011).

Current Lineup

Chevrolet’s current lineup of cars embraces 9 categories:

- passenger cars: Spark, Sonic (sedan, hatchback), Malibu, Impala, Cruze;

- sports vehicles: Camaro (convertible, ZL1, Z/28, ZL1 convertible), Corvette (Stingray Coupe, Z06 Coupe, Stingray convertible), 2015 SS Sports Sedan;

- SUV’s: Tahoe, Suburban;

- Crossovers: Equinox, Trax, Traverse;

- Vans: Express Cargo, Express Passenger, City Express;

- Trucks: Colorado, Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500HD/3500HD/3500;

- Diesel: Cruze Turbo Diesel, Silverado HD Diesel;

- Electric: Volt, Spark EV;

- Commercial.

Popular Chevrolet Models:

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