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Citroen Saxo

Small rain lays great dust. This statement fits Citroen Saxo as a fiddle. Despite small-sized dimensions, this vehicle is able to demonstrate solid results in racing competitions, whatever road conditions are considered. Besides, unlike the majority of manufacturers, French designers provide all customers with a 12-year’s limited warranty for perforated corrosion of the chassis. Hence, be sure to get amazed even more while looking through Citroen Saxo review.


Citroen Saxo had been in production from 1996 till 2003 when a new C2 appeared in the market. It featured 3718x1595x1379 mm dimensions and 2385 mm wheelbase. This hatchback was available as in 3-door so in 5-door versions, differentiated by a delicate bodywork and a recognizable traceability of Citroen branded features. In 1999 the model outlived a facelift.

Therefore, the hood received new roundish headlamps; they combined proper lamps and turn indicators which are located under a sole diffuser. There is also a pair of reinforcement plates, slipping into a grille with the company’s badge. The tail has got a rear window wiper and bicolor deflector plates.

Interior layout is distinguished by an enlarged boot – 280 liters. The backseats can be folded but there is no possibility to slide them forward. Even on such conditions the trunk’s capacity is increasing up to 953 liters. All the seats were equipped with voluminous headrests which provided for utmost comfort & safety. The fascia received an advanced odometer, climate control system as well as other equipment.


The Saxo is a front-engine front-wheel drive super-mini with a 5-speed manual transmission and performance ambitions of a full-sized sedan. Over the entire history of existence the model has seen a variety of gasoline and diesel powertrain configurations.

Hence, the lineup consisted of:

- 1.0-liter TU9M, rated at 49 horsepower and 73 nm of torque (gas);

- 1.1-liter TU1M, rated at 59 horsepower and 89 nm of torque (gas);

- 1.4-liter TU3jp, rated at 75 horsepower and 121 nm of torque (gas);

- 1.5-liter TUD5, rated at 57 horsepower and 117 nm of torque (diesel);

- 1.6-liter TU5jp, rated at 89 horsepower and 135 nm of torque (gas);

- 1.6-liter TU5jp, rated at 98 horsepower and 135 nm of torque (gas);

- 1.6-liter TU5j4, rated at 118 horsepower and 145 nm of torque (gas).

On the Move

To continue with Citroen Saxo review, it should be noted that this hatchback was equipped with a standard set of safety facilities, including a couple of airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, and a sidestroke damping system. Nonetheless, the vehicle showed run-of-the-mill crash test results.

On shallow banks the car shows a solid ground grip. Braking is quite effective, despite the fact that the manufacturer has incorporated Ferodo Racing brake pads with DS2000 stiffening plates (VTS racing modification). Rear torsion beam differs by alien localization of shock attenuators which prove to be void of extra rolls.

Furthermore, the Saxo VTS was equipped with more advanced components. They made the model a star in various racing events. It could accelerate to 100 km/h for 8.7 seconds at the maximal speed of 205 km/h – a record-breaking result in the super-mini class.

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