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Ferrari is something more than luxurious, expensive cars. This brand is a legend created by one intrepid man whose name is Enzo Ferrari. Since the 40s, Ferrari autos have inspired respect and admiration.

Ferrari is an Italian automaker, headquartered in Maranello. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ stake at the company is 90 per cent since 1988.

When Passion Becomes the Meaning of Life

A story of Ferrari is the one about a child’s dream coming true. When Enzo Ferrari was a little boy, he often watched motor racing with his father. Already then, he firmly decided he wanted his life to be connected with racing.

After the WWI, he worked as a racing test driver at CMN and Alfa Romeo (the latter was a little-known but promising company back then). The post-war years were favourable for forming own racing team as the automotive industry in Italy developed rapidly at that time. Thus, Scuderia Ferrari, headquartered in Modena, was organized. In the 30s, Scuderia Ferrari was a representative for Alfa Romeo until it started to make own autos.

The Legend Is Being Forming

The WWII postponed Enzo’s plans as long as the company – as well as all others – worked exclusively on military orders then. As soon as it was over, in 1946, the first Ferrari 125 was introduced. The model’s peculiarity was in an aluminium 12-cylinder engine and the fact it was a road and racing car in one.

Enzo Ferrari’s autos became ultimate winners in diverse races. In particular, in 1952-1953, Alberto Ascari won Formula One. This event made Ferrari cars the most popular and desirable autos in the world. Certainly, it favourably affected the cars’ sales level – the company flourished.

Between 1951 and 1958, a lot of elite Ferraris were produced, including the Ferrari 340 America and the Ferrari 250 GT. The latter was available as a coupe and cabriolet. In 1961, it was discontinued in favour of the new 250 GT California, which was only custom-made.

Line-Up from the 60s till the 90s

In 1966, after the then most powerful 300 hp V12 engine was produced, the company introduced the Ferrari Daytona, which was equipped with even more mighty 352 hp engine.

1971 saw the Ferrari 365 GT4. Under its bonnet, there was a 4.4-litre horizontal engine; the car could accelerate to 275 km/h. The model was in great demand, but only well-to-do customers, who aimed to purchase a truly reliable sports car, could afford it.

What the Ferrari company did next was designing the 512 BB racing car, which was powered with a 390 hp V4 motor and could speed up to 270 km/h. Moreover, its design was unparalleled.

In 1987, the F40 with a longitudinal 478 hp V8 engine was launched. However, it had one serious flaw – its ergonomics and comfortability left much to be desired.

Ferrari’s Present-Day Achievements

Although Enzo Ferrari died long ago, he’s considered to be one of the most influential car entrepreneurs up to the present. When he ran the company, the Ferrari team won more than 5.000 races and 25 world cups. After his death, Ferrari was acquired by Fiat, which already owned 50 per cent of the company’s shares at that moment.

In 1992, the 456 GT/GTA sports coupe was unveiled. A couple of years later, the affordable F355 made its debut. In 1996, in cooperation with the Pininfarina car design firm, the 550 Maranello was represented.

Although the company’s founder isn’t at the helm anymore, Ferrari remains one of the most expensive and luxurious as well as fastest brands in the world. For example, in 2003, the Ferrari Enzo special model was unveiled. Then, this auto was acknowledged to be the most powerful production car in Europe. Named as a tribute to the great engineer, the model embodies the company’s best achievements over its longstanding history.


As it was already mentioned, initially Enzo’s company, as well as racing team, was called Scuderia Ferrari. ‘Scuderia’ means a ‘stable’ that relates to a logo Enzo chose for his company. Why a prancing horse against yellow background?

Time was when a prancing horse embellished a fighter of Francesco Baracca, an ace pilot who heroically died near Montello during the WWI.

In 1923, when Enzo participated in a motor racing, he got acquainted with Francesco’s parents. They offered Enzo to depict a prancing horse on his racing car. This emblem was intended to bring luck to the young racing driver. And it really did.

Enzo didn’t change the logo at all in the course of all those years, except for just adding golden background – the colour of Modena, Enzo Ferrari’s native city, where he was born and worked.

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