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Ferrari 458

The Ferrari lineup for a long time included special exclusive version of the standard models. At various times, those were such iconic cars as: the 288 GTO and F40 LM, 360 Challenge and the 430 Scuderia. They were more powerful, faster and were fun to drive, and still were produced in limited series. Now the coupe Ferrari 458 Italia got such modification: a new 458 Speciale, and it will be specified in Ferrari 458 Review.


From a distance, the elegant silhouette of the Ferrari 458 Speciale is not very different from the standard model. It has a pointed front, shifted forward passenger compartment and elegant arcuate roof line. The new hood and front bumper with splitter are designed to improve aerodynamics. Air intakes are increased in size, and next to them there is a set of active flaps: they are put forward at a speed of 170 km / h, they direct the air flow under the bottom, thus increasing downforce. Additional “gills” are visible near narrow LED headlamps. Large round lights resemble rocket nozzles; there is a spoiler in between. The design of a car is carbon fiber, the glass became thinner, special light-weight 20-inch wheels reduce unsprung weight by 4 kg. As a result, the vehicle weight has been reduced by 90 kg - up to 1290 kg.


Traces of struggle against excess weight are noticeable in the cabin. For example, the mats and even the glove box disappeared. Instead of leather the cabin is decorated with light alcantara, bare carbon is visible everywhere. However, a three-spoke steering wheel rim is leather, and it is flat on top and bottom. On the steering wheel there is a gearshift indicator like on Formula 1 cars. The steering wheel is multifunctional with power keys for wipers, lights and direction indicators, start the engine and chassis settings. The centerpiece of the dashboard is taken by the yellow tachometer dial. On each side there are two displays. Right screen shows a menu of the multimedia system, and the left displays the other indications of devices - from the vehicle speed to the temperature of the brake discs and time laps on the racetrack.

The central panel of 458 Speciale is compact. The coupe received special sports seats with integrated headrests and carbon fiber frame. They are more rigid than the standard seats, but perfectly hold the back and are completed with four-point seat belts. There are two luggage compartments of a total volume 230 liters, and behind the seats there is additional shelf for luggage.

Powertrain and Drive

Ferrari 458 is equipped with 4.5-liter petrol V8. New pistons and valves, intake and exhaust systems have allowed raising its capacity to 605 hp at 9000 rev / min; that is each liter has 135 hp - a record in a series of atmospheric engines. The maximum torque is still equal to 540 Nm at 6000 rev / min. When the needle on the tachometer reaches the “red” zone V8 sound becomes louder and juicier. Launch control, which prevents slippage, comes in handy at the start. Due to this the acceleration to 100 km / h takes just 3 seconds, and to 200 km / h - 9.1 seconds. The maximum speed of 325 km / h does not seem to be something fantastic. Interestingly, 458 Speciale consumes 11.8 liters / 100 km in the combined cycle - a few years ago this figure for such a powerful model looked something out of science fiction.

7-speed dual clutch transmission was updated, now switching gears occurs 20% faster. The driver can select one of two auto modes or use the paddle shifter. If you select the Race mode, the coupe gets even faster on winding roads. A new technology of Side Slip angle Control system allows you to feel more confident, even during a skid. Wide tires Pirelli in size 245/35 ZR20 front and 305/30 ZR20 rear provide excellent grip.

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