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Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 is a luxury sports car that replaced the Ferrari 360 in 2004 when it was introduced at the Paris Motor Show. It was manufactured up to 2009. After that, it was substituted for the Ferrari 458.

At the time, the F430 was the fastest on-road car in the Italian manufacturer’s collection. The fastest and one of the most expensive. The MSRP for it was €175,000 in Europe and $186,925-217,318 in the U.S.

Body Structure and Appearance

Although the Ferrari F430 is closely related to its predecessor, the 360 model, about 70 per cent of its body elements are brand-new. The Ferrari F430 keeps up the tradition to use Alcoa aluminium chassis established by the Ferrari F360. The manufacturer claims they are 20 per cent stronger. Apart from this, the newer car exploits the same roof, doors, bonnet, etc. The model runs on the exclusive Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 EMT tyres.

The Ferrari F430 was designed by Pininfarina under the supervision of Frank Stephenson. The car also shares some appearance features with the Ferrari 360’. Still, it adds some new ones mostly concerning its aerodynamic efficiency its predecessor didn’t have. Consequently, the Ferrari F430 is better in this regard. Moreover, it looks (and drives) like a race car.

Some of the features the Ferrari F430 possesses are adopted from rather old Ferrari models tracing back to the ‘60s. For example, the oval cavities in the bumper at the front can also be found in such race cars as the Ferrari 250 TR 61 Spyder Fantuzzi produced between 1960 and 1961 and the 156 F1 manufactured in 1961.

Its front end, nose in particular, makes the car look somewhat aggressive. Apart from fulfilling a stylistic function, the car’s nose supplies air to the radiators and brakes to cool them down. The side mirrors are the same the Ferrari Testarossa offers. On the one on the driver’s side, the model’s name is inscribed. There are new taillights at the back.

Interior and Comfort

The Ferrari cars are unique cars. Those in the know will tell you that they are impossible to confuse with anything else. Certainly, the Ferrari F430 isn’t an exception. Just climbing inside is quite enough to feel it or rather to smell it. Ferraris have their inimitable pleasant aroma of high-quality (leather) upholstery that lets you know at once that you drive a luxury vehicle.

The interior of the Ferrari F430 is simple, without any bells and whistles, and sophisticated. Like in race cars, there are just essential controls and dials on the dashboard, centre console, and steering wheel. Such an approach contributes to the cabin’s neatness and instruments’ legibility.

The cabin of the Ferrari F430 is as spacious as a cabin of a sports car can be. The sport seats are supportive and comfortable, so that a passenger and driver can easily find the most comfortable position in them. There’s some space for your luggage right behind the seats and under the hood. Such qualities make the car a good daily carrier.


Driving the Ferrari F430 is such terrific experience that you may feel dizzy (in a good sense) after getting out of it. I’ll explain why. Firstly, you feel the car differently due to the pedals shifted to the centre even more. Secondly, changing gears is effortless. The mechanism is so polished that you even don’t notice it. Thirdly, the car goes so smoothly that it’s impossible to compare it to the ride in the 360.

The Ferrari F430, arguably the best manufacturer’s creation, is powered by a 4.3-litre V8 engine that’s situated behind the front compartment where a driver and a passenger sit (like in an F1 car). It produces 483 bhp (366 kW or 497 PS) at 8,500 rpm and 343 lb/ft of torque (465 Nm) at 5,250 rpm and emits the sound isn’t characteristic of on-road vehicles but racing ones.

The manufacturer used all-new pistons, connecting rods, and crankshaft in the Ferrari F430. They also enlarged the engine (its displacement) by about 20 per cent. However, it didn’t entail significant weight growth (the engine became just four kilograms heavier).

Many experts consider the Ferrari F430 to be the best road vehicle ever. This car is incredibly fast and it accelerates to this incredible speed before you know it. While its top speed is 196 mph, it reaches the 62 mph mark in astounding 3.7 seconds!


Apart from Bosch Motronic ME7 electronic control units, the Ferrari F430 uses the 11.3:1 compression ratio, dry-sump lubrication, and a special variable-valve-timing system. Bosch together with Brembo developed the brakes (the brakes made of carbon fibre-reinforced silicon carbide are optional).

Once again, the Ferrari F430 has distinguished aerodynamic qualities represented in the aerodynamic package. It offers a new spoiler at the front, larger air intakes on both sides, and four diffusers at the rear among other things.

Via a rotating knob to the right from the steering wheel, a driver controls the E-diff (another feature taken over from F1 cars). The function allows adjusting certain parameters according to the mode chosen: Snow, Slippery, Sport, Race, or Disengage. In such a way, steering feel, grip, and balance are improved. The feature isn’t groundbreaking (it’s widely used in vehicles by other car makers) but easiness of its usage and efficiency in the Ferrari F430 astonish.

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