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Ferrari FF

Italian supercar manufacturer has presented its most powerful four-seater Ferrari FF at the Geneva Motor Show 2011; this is the first all-wheel drive car of the brand. The appearance of FF is significantly different to other modern Ferrari models and it has the form of “shooting-brake” (coupe-wagon), similar silhouette had a racing model of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Drogo 1962. The model name easily stands for Ferrari Four (four seats, or drive to all 4 wheels). The car is equipped with a proprietary system of all-wheel drive - 4RM. The new Ferrari is 50% lighter than conventional systems 4WD, while it has excellent weight distribution (47:53 in favor of the rear axle). Let’s find out more from this Ferrari FF Review.

Interior and Exterior

A chic four-seater salon, finished with selective leather, is hidden under an aluminum body type Shooting Break. The seat is adjusted to his driver, providing not only a comfortable position, but also a solid body lock. If something is wrong, the multi-mode powered adjustment will correct the situation in a couple of clicks. The logical question for any three-door car - how difficult is it to wade in the rear row of seats? In FF, this process is reduced to elementary actions - just click on the special handle and tilt the back of the front seats. And if the key is in the ignition switch, the drive will automatically shift the seat forward.

As for all kinds of pockets and niches for small things and cupholders in FF they are concentrated mainly in the massive armrests separating the passengers of both the first and second rows. All containers are carefully covered with black velvet and closed with lids or sliding doors. The volume of a trunk is 450-liter, and it is a lot for a supercar. For comparison, a conventional hatchback Citroen C4 luggage compartment is equal to 408 liters, and the Mazda3 even less - 340 liters. In general, FF interior is stylish and spacious. Due to the fact that the roof is devoid of characteristic FF coupe cut, rear seat comfort is provided even for tall passengers.

We do not talk about FF appearance intentionally, as discussing it is a mauvais ton. However, the fans of the brand and automotive journalists have formed two groups in their attitude to the FF. Some believe that the Shooting Break body made the car unique in its kind, while others categorically refuse to recognize the FF as a true “horse from Maranello”.

Technical Equipment and Drive

Any supercar is primarily designed for the driver. All the controls are concentrated around, and each driving element in Maranello is very attentively performed. The steering wheel is quite sensitive and it is almost a racing type, which directly reacts to sudden movements, and its behavior is much sharper than any “civilian” car. There are five modes: winter, Wet - Wet roads, Comfort - for normal driving, the Sport - for aggressive and most dangerous - ESC off. By activating it, the driver is deprived of the help of all stabilization systems, without exception. Detailed information on each of the modes selected via manettino is displayed on the left display on the dashboard.

On visual scales the driver can see the settings of six key indicators - traction control, rear differential, drive to the front axle, stabilize system, gearbox and shock absorbers. Additionally, the left screen displays information of a trip-computer, and the right - the image from the rear view camera and a digital speedometer reading.

The block of transmission control, as expected, is on the central tunnel. These are just three large buttons, decorated in a kind of sculptural composition crowned with brilliant prancing stallion. Each of the buttons has very simple purpose: Launch Enables or disables the launch control system (a system that allows a move on the most dynamic, but without slipping), R activates the reverse gear and Auto allows you to choose between manual and automatic gear shifting.


Under the hood of FF there is aspirated gasoline GDI V12 with the angle of 65 °, the volume of 6262 cubic cm, 660 purebred “horses” and 683 Nm of torque, 500 of which can be already achieved at 1000 rev / min. Up to 100 km / h FF shoots in 3.7 seconds and to 200 km / h - in just 11 seconds, and this is probably the most incredible feeling that can Ferrari give. Dynamic acceleration is so rapid that at some point, the load on the chest makes it difficult to breathe. The most amazing thing is that this “rocket”, according to passport data, consumes only 15.4 liters of gasoline per 100 km.

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