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Fiat Multipla

The Fiat Multipla is a family vehicle that was produced in Italy from 1998 to 2010. To be more precise, it’s a family vehicle with the weirdest appearance on the road. In 1999, it was a part of the Different Roads – Automobiles for the New Century exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (New York). The same year, it became the Top Gear Car of the Year. Since 2001 till 2004, it was acknowledged to be the Family Car of the Year according to Top Gear Magazine.

The Fiat Multipla can easily accommodate six people and it has a spacious trunk. It makes it perfect for distant travelling as well as for delivering goods.

Interior and Comfort

The Multipla isn’t an ordinary auto. Based on the Brava, it’s shorter but wider, though. Despite being shorter, the Multipla offers much more space both for passengers and luggage storage that makes it incredibly practical.

The main distinguishing feature of the Multipla is three seats in the front instead of traditional two. It’s easy to get in and out of the car due to wide doors. All six seats are equally comfortable, safe, lightweight (16 kg), and easily detachable. At will, the central seat both front and back can be folded flat (you get three cup holders instead) or substituted by a console serving as a fridge.

In order to make room for the third, central seat in the front of the Multipla, a handbrake is put to the left of a driver’s seat and gear lever is on the fascia panel. The whole informational unit is put to the centre of the fascia panel. There is an additional glove compartment for a driver at the site where a speedometer used to be.

It’s unbelievable how much head- and legroom such a compact car provides. Capacity of its trunk is 450 litres. With the rear seats folded, the figure increases to 1,900 litres.

To accommodate six people, engineers had to make the car wider. However, a vehicle 2,094 mm in width may have difficulties with parking as supermarket and multi-storey parking lots aren’t usually meant for such wide autos.

Driving Performance

At launch, Fiat offered the Multipla with two types of engines: 1.6 16 V petrol and 1.9 JTD turbodiesel. Now, as people care more about a fuel consumption rate, the Fiat Multipla is available just with turbodiesel. Powered by it, the auto performs very well even being loaded. However, it’s rather loud and there’s pretty much wind noise when on the move due to upright styling. Supple suspension allows the Multipla to drive over poor roads without troubling the passengers. A high driving position and large glass area both back and front makes driving safer and easier for a driver.

However, it isn’t the most fuel-efficient engine modern automotive industry can offer. It makes 164 g/km and 45.6 mpg that equates to £155 p.a.


A large and almost vertical rear windshield ensures a wonderful field of vision from behind. Moreover, there’s a sensor that informs a driver about obstacles when they drive in reverse.

All six seats, with the central one in the front included, are equipped with three-point seatbelts. Besides, all front seatbelts come with belt tensioners. An airbag for a driver is standard.

One can order a large airbag for two front seat passengers and two side airbags additionally.

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