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Fiat Palio

The Fiat Palio is a supermini car that has been produced since 1996. Besides, it’s the first world car manufactured by Fiat. Aimed at developing countries, the first Palio was made in Brazil. Later, the autos were also constructed at factories in Argentina, Poland, Venezuela, Marocco, Turkey, India, China, and South Africa.

Brief History

The Fiat Palio is represented in two generations. In 1996, the Palio, powered by either petrol or diesel engines, was introduced in four body styles – sedan, station wagon, hatchback, and pickup. The whole body, both inside and outside, was designed by the I.DE.A Institute (Turin). Although chassis were taken over from the Fiat Punto, performance was completely different. The construction became much stronger that allowed for driving the car even on poor roads with much more comfort (that was a valuable feature for people living in the countries the model was created for).

The Fiat Palio wasn’t changed until 2001 when it was redesigned by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Apart from this, the car was equipped with new motors: the 1.0/1.2 L 16-valve Fire and 1.6 L 16-valve 120 hp Sporting.

Almost totally new Palio was introduced in 2007. The occasion marked the second generation of the Fiat Palio production. Inspired by the new Grande Punto, the Palio was restyled. Major changes concerned the car’s exterior. The car was based on the chassis the very first Palio was based on.

Today, it’s hard to believe that it’s the cheapest car in Brazil. The auto keeps up with modern trends dominating in the automotive industry. The Novo Palio 2016 is represented by the Novo Palio Attractive 1.0 2016 4P, Novo Palio Attractive 1.4 Evo Flex 2016 4P, Novo Palio Essence 1.6 Flex 2016 4P, and Novo Palio Sporting 1.6 16 V Flex 2016 4P. Besides, there are the Fiat Palio Fire and Palio Fire Way 2016, which will come up for sale soon.

Novo Palio Attractive 1.0 2016 4P

A glance at the new Palio, a few minutes at its wheel – and you immediately realize that it’s an Italian car indeed, in which brilliant performance is backed by beautiful appearance. The new Palio looks sophisticated due to rounded contours and a little bit sporting thanks to 16-inch alloy wheels. The auto is 3,875 mm in length, 1,670 mm in width, and 1,504 mm in height.

Inside, the car is very spacious and well organized. The automaker took care of its passengers’ comfort finishing the cabin with high-quality materials of different texture and colours. There are many storage compartments, which can be found on the dashboard, central console, doors, etc.

The Novo Palio Attractive 1.0 2016 4P offers DuaLogic transmission. Combining features of automatic and manual ones, it enhances fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Besides, the gearbox comes with the Creeping and Auto-Up Shift Abort technologies, which are of great use when parking or overtaking.

An on-board computer provides a driver with all necessary information they may need at the moment: tank average, weather conditions, location, and the like. The autopilot will keep your car at the pre-set speed, so that you could sit back and relax. When there’s a need to brake or accelerate, the function turns off automatically.

Fiat did a great job. The automaker built not just comfortable, beautiful, and powerful auto at a reasonable price (R$ 33,520 that’s about US$ 9,000) but also a safe one. There are driver and front passenger’s airbags, side airbags, and anti-block braking system. Apart from this, a driver can choose radio station they’d like to listen to without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Palio Fire and Palio Fire Way 2016

Fiat’s constant striving for perfection is reflected in the vehicles it delivers. The Palio Fire and Fire Way, which are coming up for sale soon, are even more stylish, comfortable, practical, and safe than previously produced models.

It seems impossible that people having completely different lifestyles and priorities admire one and the same auto. However, the Fire models challenge stereotypes due to their elegant and at the same time somewhat sporting appearance. Moreover, the cars are constructed in such a way that you will enjoy the ride both in and outside the city. They are perfect for everyday activities – like getting to and from work, shopping – as well as long-distance journeys.

Palio Fire, powered by the 1.0 L V8 engine, is officially acknowledged by INMENTRO to be fuel-efficient auto. The Econômetro system helps a driver to save fuel and money by informing them about fuel consumption rate regarding a driving style.


Yes, Fiat Palio is stylish, attractive, comfortable, and fuel-efficient. However, there’s a grave blemish – safety. Previously produced Fiat Palios can hardly be called safe autos according to the results of the Latin NCAP. Fortunately, the situation is going to change in the nearest future. The thing is that in 2014, the law on a driver and front passenger’s airbags availability in vehicles was adopted. The Palio Fire 2016 offers dual front airbags and anti-block braking system as standard features.

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