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Fiat Strada

The Fiat Strada is a supermini coupe utility that has been produced from 1996 up to the present. The auto is assembled in Brazil and South Africa and sold almost worldwide (the USA isn’t among its outlets). The Strada is a successor of the Fiat City, which is, in its turn, a pickup version of the Fiat Fiorino.

Engine & Transmission

The Fiat Strada is a front-engine front-wheel-drive auto that comes with five-speed manual transmission. The Strada can be equipped with one of the following engines, either petrol or diesel:

- 1.2 L Fire I4 (petrol);

- 1.3 L Fiassa I4 (petrol);

- 1.4 L Fire I4 (petrol);

- 1.5 L I4 (petrol);

- 1.6 L Flex I4 (petrol);

- 1.8 L Flex I4 (petrol);

- 1.3 L MultiJet I4 (diesel);

- 1.7 L TD I4 (diesel);

- 1.9 L JTD I4 (diesel).


The Fiat Strada is represented in several versions that were produced at various times. It’s customary to divide the whole period of its production into shorter periods of approximately five years or so each. Each next model is modified, regarding detected shortcomings and technical progress. Their dimensions also differ, except for the wheelbase that remains 2,718 mm in size.


- 1996-2001: 4,398 mm;

- 2001-2004: 4,400 mm;

- 2004-2009: 4,444 mm;

- 2009-nowadays: 4,409 mm.

Height (the auto tends to become higher with each new model introduced):

- 1996-2004: 1,505 mm;

- 2004-2009: 1,559 mm;

- 2009-nowadays: 1,564 mm.


- 1996-2004: 1,665 mm;

- 2004-nowadays: 1,664 mm.


There are six versions of the Fiat Strada overall. The car is introduced with three gauge packages – the Working, Trekking, and Adventure – and three body types – a short cab, long cab, and crew cab.

The Strada crew cab, available only as the Working and Adventure, can compete with larger pickups not just in terms of a lower price, maintenance expenditures, and fuel consumption rates. It’s the models technical specifications that make it a strong rival for other vehicles of the same class. For instance, its loading capacity is 650 kg. It can easily accommodate four adults and cargo in addition. The model is powered by a 1.3 L 95 hp 16 V MultiJet motor and there’s the electronic locking differential called the E-Locker, which is meant to help a driver to control a vehicle even on slippery terrain, at your disposal. When a driver gets into a road trouble (meaning, poor road conditions don’t contribute to fully controlled driving), the E-Locker system directs all torque available to the wheel having the tightest contact with the surface, locking the front differential of the car. Such a car costs around €16,000.

The Fiat Strada produced since 2009 till nowadays

The first impression of the latest version of the Strada is: it’s practical, powerful, vigour, and well-performing. Not main but of no less importance is that its maintenance isn’t expensive.

What distinguishes the new-generation Fiat Strada from its predecessors is the new front end, solid bumper with new headlamps and a couple of air vents arranged in a rectangular body. The Adventure’s front is of the same colour the body is, supplemented with fog lights. The long and crew cab models are equipped with a spoiler that comes with built-in additional brake light and roof bars. Besides, the autos offer a very spacious cabin.

The new Fiat Strada has become not just passenger- but driver-friendlier, too. It’s got an all-new instrument panel with more comprehensible gauges, allowing a driver to be less distracted from the road. Thanks to ergonomic seats and height-adjustable steering wheel, travelling by the Fiat Strada has become even more enjoyable and safer.

Special Equipment

On the list of the Fiat Strada’s standard equipment, there are anti-block braking system, climate control, height-adjustable steering wheel, door mirror that can be adjusted right from your seat, fog lights, alloy wheels, E-Locker (what this system is meant for has been mentioned above), and some others.

Among optional features you can have in your Strada, there are climate control, alloy wheels, sunroof, leather steering wheel, etc.

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