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Fiat Uno

Right from the beginning (1983) Fiat Uno pony car enslaved the hearts of all Europeans who were searching for an efficient city-drive solution. Nonetheless, in 2003 the production of the model was halted in Italy, giving way to Fiat Punto. Despite this fact, Uno is still manufactured in South America under Novo Uno badge. Let’s consider the latest Fiat Uno review to compare it with the legacy models.

General Overview

Fiat Uno of the 2015 model year is available as in 3-door so in 5-door versions. This hatchback is assembled in Brazil on Fiat Economy platform, featuring 3770x1640x1490 mm dimensions and 2.376 mm wheelbase. The redesigned hood is differentiated by an aggressive design; it received a pronounced crease, while the headlamps lost their squareness. A huge bumper is another attraction of this hatch; it’s even more voluminous on the Sporting package.

The grille is planted low to the ground. The square-shaped taillights are supplemented by chrome-plated exhaust tubes. The external mirrors accommodate small square blinkers, while wipers now boast flat blades.

Interior Layout

The cabin isn’t as spacious as one might expect. It is designed for 5 persons but in actuality only 4 passengers can feel comfortable in it during long driving sessions. The boot is roomy enough for a few suitcases and some other inventory. Albeit short cushions and lack of a proper thigh support, the seats still offer basic comforts (high waist, headrests for the back row and good seating position). It’s also possible to fold them down as well as adjust the seatbelts in three different positions.

The dashboard looks minimalistic but at the same time it contains all necessary controls. Unlike other Brazilian-made vehicles, new Uno boasts such facilities as rear hatch release, gas cap opener and power windows command. There are also other boons integrated within the cabin: adjustable seats, remote central lock, OEM backup camera, container holders, innovative multimedia system with a touchscreen, etc.

The finish is all about soft-touch plastics and other high-quality textures. Fabrics have been implemented on the doors and some other panels. The steering wheel comes equipped with control buttons to provide for a better functionality and one-touch handling.


To proceed with Fiat Uno review, it’s necessary to mention about all available powertrains. In fact, there are only two underhood options: a 1.0-liter Inline 4 gasoline engine, rated at 73 horsepower, and a 1.4-liter Inline 4 gasoline engine, rated at 83 horsepower. Ethanol-powered hatchback versions are also included into the production line. Whatever powertrain is concerned, it is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission.

In order to address rev problems, the manufacturer has added sound insulation and engine mounts to the powertrain. The 1.0-liter version accelerates to 100 km/h for 18 seconds, whereas the 1.4-liter model is doing a bit better.

The integrated Dualogic single-clutch transmission can go without a lever. Instead of it, there are shift paddles and buttons. Unfortunately, the 2015 Uno is void of hill assist function but it definitely boasts a creep function that enables the vehicle to move forward at lower speeds.

Start & Stop Technology

The implementation of Start & Stop technology is one of the Uno’s sources of pride. To be precise, this is the first pony car in Brazil to have this system in disposal. This fully automatic technology disables ignition when the car goes to neutral or stops; when the clutch is depressed, it turns the vehicle on again (taking just 0.4 seconds). If the car loses braking power, there is overload due to excessive use of electronics, or there are no movements for over 165 seconds, Start & Stop technology re-fires the engine.

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