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Hyundai ix35

The prototype of Hyundai ix35 was Tucson crossover, which inspired the developers on the creation of present model. Tucson was a muse in the creation of ix35, however it radically changed and altered. The production of ix35 began in 2009. From its “forefather” Hyundai ix35 has virtually nothing, because that was only the impetus for the birth of this popular car. At the time, there was a kind of competition between Hyundai ix35 and Kia Sportage of the third generation - they both had almost one platform. And in general, Hyundai ix35 can be called nothing more than a child, collected from the Hyundai Tucson and hatchback Hyundai i40, but in the end you can see for yourself, the car is really in demand and has a fairly good success.


Engines can be chosen by a consumer – gasoline (150 h.p) or diesel (184h.p). Provided transmissions: automatic (6 speed) or manual (5 speed). Powertrain of Hyundai ix35 is a front cross. The driver has the opportunity to improve the properties of the car on the road. In the central panel on the left of the steering column there is a block with several buttons. One of them - the clutch lock button: this function is automatically switched off when the car reaches speed of 40 km/h. In addition, the driver can disable the sideslip control system.

In Hyundai ix35 Review models of 2013 have new front optics, diodes bixenon with daytime running lights, and changed rear optics. There is new equipment - a system of changing the degree of effort on Flex Steer steering wheel, heated steering wheel, front parking lights and virtual dashboard with 4.2 inches diagonal.


- A beautiful appearance;

- An excellent overview in the mirrors;

- Good start in cold weather;

- Perfect sealing of the cabin.

Cabin Interior:

The cabin has several airbags, climate control, noise insulation, heated front and rear seats. The trim is the combination of leather and cloth, which looks quite beautiful. The manual adjustment of seats is available. The interior is spacious and the trunk is roomy, which is very comfortable for a family drive in the nature. The luggage compartment has a top cover, which can separate the trunk from the passenger compartment.

Airbags are hidden under the buckles, total amount in the cabin is 6 airbags. Steering wheel is quite comfortable in the hand, there is no feeling of sliding or inconvenience. Everything can be easily seen on the panel: the speedometer and tachometer are recessed. Seat belts: if the seat belt is not fastened, the car dashboard has an indicator responsible for the alarm.

Productivity and Fuel consumption:

The car is not very noisy, quickly warms the interior, and especially the front seats. The light is good, in spite of the halo - creates almost perfectly visible area needed for the driver. There is an excellent audio system with the usage of USB flash drive or bluetooth.

Fuel consumption depends largely on the driving style and fuel quality, but if you estimate objectively, about 9-11l in the city, on the highway about 7 l, at 130km. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 10.4 seconds.


The car accelerates well and stops just fine, the brakes are smooth, the car is agile and easily parked, the rear-view is good, the steering wheel has a large number of buttons that makes the trip more comfortable and provides a minimum of movement for the driver. Electric folded outside mirrors are very convenient. Also automatic mirrors can be linked to the alarm and then they will automatically be opened or folded without pressing a button.

Summing up Hyundai ix35 Review, the car is quite decent, and makes positive impression both on the driver and the passenger. The overall impression: the car is quite suitable for long trips, it tolerates frost, the drive is comfortable and confident.

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