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Infiniti is the division of Nissan that specializes in producing luxurious cars mainly for the US market. It’s headquartered in Hong Kong. The brand has been associated with dynamic, reliable, modern, unique, safe, and high-tech autos.


It’s held that the reason for creating an all-new brand for an overseas market was to prove that Japanese vehicles could be not just reliable and practical but prestigious, too. Then, the American and European models prevailed in the segment of luxurious and premium autos. Whether it was a coincidence or not but in the 80s all large Japanese automakers worked on constructing luxurious vehicles for the US market: Honda was busy developing the Acura brand, Toyota created Lexus, and Nissan kept pace with them working on Infiniti.

By the time the oil crisis of the 70s and economic recession of the 80s were left behind and the American economy recovered, there was a class of people who preferred premium autos, at the wheel of which they would enjoy themselves and have fun, to ones designed for middle-class customers.

In the 80s, when Nissan Motor gained a foothold on the Continent of North America, the company decided to design models for this very group of clients. Thus, the Infiniti Q45 was launched in 1989.

Previously Produced Models

With the QX4, Infiniti proved that it can make not only high-quality saloons and coupes but also SUVs.

In 1996, a completely modernized version of the Q45 was rolled out. It had updated design and an 8-cylinder 4.1-litre V-type engine. The new Q45 was welcomed as it was a combination of vigour, opulence, and innovation. There were elements of American, European, and Japanese traditions in its design. A 278 hp V8 motor and innovative active suspension system let the car pretend to a leading position in its class. The Q45 was equipped with a range of electronic systems that controlled wheelspin, brake system, and motor parameters. It’s worthy of note that there wasn’t the twin Q45 in the Japanese line-up.

1999 saw the Infiniti I30 launch that was recognized to be among the best contemporary cars in North America. Traditional for the marque luxurious interior and perfectly built chassis were supplemented with a 3-litre 240 hp engine that could accelerate the car to 240 km/h. The I30s aren’t available in Europe.

The New Millennium and Next Q45

Another Q45 was unveiled at the New York Auto Show in 2001. Large and somewhat aggressive body design was meant to emphasize its respectability. Among original elements, there were trapezium-shaped headlight reflectors, a wide chrome radiator shell, and a very high line of side glassing. Interior was decorated with expensive wood and leather. A rear-drive model was equipped with a 280 hp V8 engine and adaptive automatic transmission.

The revolutionary FX45

The FX45 crossover made a furore when it was launched in 2003. It seemed that either concept cars or cars right from a fantastic film set rode in the streets.

A kind of a hybrid of a sports estate car and SUV became the Infinity brand identity. The American press admitted the model could be called the best representative of compact luxurious SUVs.

The FX45 was powered by a 315 hp V8 engine and had a five-speed automatic transmission. Its design was developed in California especially for the North American market. The FX45 got a brand navigation system on DVD, intelligent cruise control, smart key system, etc.

Currently, Infiniti’s model range encompasses the Q50 (a sports sedan), the Q60 Convertible (a convertible coupe), the Q60 coupe, the Q70 (a luxury saloon), the QX50 (a crossover), and the QX70 (a crossover).

Infiniti won people’s hearts as soon as it was introduced. Rapid sales growth put it to the top positions in numerous ratings. The marque set new, higher standards for rivals. Shortly after Infiniti was introduced worldwide in 2005, it held a leading position in the segment of premium autos in different countries. Today, the brand develops and takes on the global market, opening representative offices all over the world.

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