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Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee is an American produced car with rather long history, which includes four generations of this car: ZJ (1993-1998), WJ (1999-2004), WK (2005-2010), and WK2 (2011-present). In this Jeep Grand Cherokee Review we will talk about modification SRT 2014 of third generation. This car combines two vehicles: one for everyday quiet ride, and the second for night flying around the city. It can make nervous many sports cars owners. Cherokee SRT can compete with them not only on a straight line but also on the track.


V-shape eight 3.0 diesel in the category: practicality, acceleration, and price, wins the first place among consumers. There is volume, no turbo. The engine is trouble free.

The power train of 430hp and 550Hm can accelerate this big car to 100 km/h in 5 seconds.

The car is very fast and can compete with some SUVs like BMW and Porsche Cayenne. The car holds the road very well in all weather conditions: in the snow and in the rain. The consumption for a quiet ride is 22-24l.

The brakes are of high class with huge calipers and huge wheels. It has very good carrier and independent suspension, the drive is very easily. There is a stand with electric adjustment and with a variable degree of hardness.

The power and sound of the engine, the exterior and interior of Cherokee SRT inspires to have trips in the nature, and high clearance contributes to avoid stones bumping on the bottom. The power does not allow to get stuck somewhere on the slopes or in the mud. In a quiet ride it consumes relatively little fuel.


The interior is trimmed with leather upholstery (very high quality stitched leather), comfortable seating, sunroof, and full electric equipment, trunk opens with one button. There is enough space in the front and behind the driver's seat, heated steering wheel, heated seats and ventilation. Main features of the salon include:

- Electronic instrument panel:

- On-board computer with a touch screen display;

- Climate control;

- A rearview camera (by the way when you turn on reverse gear, the side mirrors automatically tilt down);

- Five automatic modes: auto, sport, snow, track, tow.

- Subwoofer and speakers are focused in the center of the cabin.


Outwardly Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2014 is a very nice and cool crossover with pronounced masculine features (the powerful bumper, and aggressiveness), the design is not common.

Generally SRT combines utility (it's a big leather seats) and four-wheel drive (in winter the car always boasts with great performance), and of course design. We hope that after reading Jeep Grand Cherokee Review you made certain that it is powerful, practical and comfortable.

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