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Jeep Liberty

Needless to say, the vehicles with a label “Made in USA” were always different from others by extraordinary dimensions, powerful engines and everything else that the driver needs on the road, up to the air conditioning, cup holders, cruise control and an umbrella holder, not to mention electric drive and leather upholstery. Not surprisingly, the high demand in the US is SUV, providing freedom of action in virtually any situation. In addition, a large car - it is also a security. The long hood, massive doors and powerful body dampen the energy of the collision better.

The plain Jeep Cherokee, whose ideology was close to antiquity of Willys, has become a real cult on wheels. Well, the classic and immortal Cherokee sample of 1984 retired at the beginning of the millennium and was replaced by Jeep Liberty - a new symbol of freedom, which will be described in Jeep Liberty Review.


Retro styling was in fashion those days: modern design techniques combined with historical motifs. The geometric body dimensions of Liberty occupied an intermediate position between the old Cherokee and the modern Grand. The heir of lean “Indian” slightly grew in length by 10 cm, in width by 3 cm and height by 15 cm. The forms are very modern, the car seems to be compact, however its length is 4355 mm from bumper to spare tire hanging on the back door. The front look is “neo-classical” with friendly round headlights, slightly lifting the hood on the corners, and seven vertical slots of grille - almost like the Jeepster and Willys. In general, the Jeep Liberty looks fresh and natural, although some fans have ambiguous feelings towards the bold look.


Inside Jeep Liberty is as unusual as the outside, although there are many familiar functions: the abundance of electric drives, cup holders, a large audio system, automatic transmission (standard with the V6). However, new developments are visible here in soft lines, round vents of the ventilation system, and nostalgic sports white dials in the instrument cluster. But the interior is also effective with the advantageous combination of shades, cool shimmer matte silver trim of console and selector of transmission modes. The back door consists of two parts: when opening the bottom the upper part is automatically raised.

Trim Levels

The structural design of Jeep Liberty is similar to its “older brother” Grand Cherokee: monocoque with integrated subframes. The front double wishbones suspension is original, but the rear independent is borrowed from Grand. For occasional traveling citizens the best option is Liberty with the system “Command Trac” - in normal circumstances, the car is rear-wheel drive, and if necessary it can be switched to front-drive. All-wheel drive with self-locking differential “Selec Trac” is interesting for residents of the northern states.


European buyers didn’t suffer from choosing transmission, as in the Old World the car was offered only in all-wheel drive version. But there is a wide range of engines for Liberty: a modest 2.4-liter petrol “four” (Europe only), the new 2.5-liter turbo diesel Common Rail and a solid V-shaped “six” in volume of 3,7 l and the capacity of 213 hp. Of course, the 5.9-liter monster, once set on Cherokee, is hard to reach, but the dynamic potential of Liberty does not leave much to be desired.

Modern “mechanics” of Liberty is well combined with the historically matured design. However, the car corresponds to the modern standards of safety: ABS in the drive brakes and electronic brake force distribution along the axes, and in the case of an accident the passengers will be safe with the so-called “multi-stage” airbags with automatic detection of the degree of filling based on the collision severity. The standard version includes both the front (driver and passenger) and side “curtains” for extra protection of the head.

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