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Jeep Patriot

In several decades the class of off-roadsters evolved considerably. Now these are not just utilitarian cross-county vehicles, today appeared the models of a different type. They are more designed for the city, and therefore are less capable on dirt or sand roads. However, not all of them have become one hundred percent residents of the concrete jungle and some of these models can express themselves in off road conditions. Among them are Jeep Patriot, Nissan X-Trail, Suzuki Grand Vitara, and in Jeep Patriot Review we are going to talk about the first representative.


Patriot is the youngest member of the Jeep “family”, and the belonging to the model range of the brand is visible to the naked eye. Like its counterparts, it features simple, angular design with a small angle of inclination of the windshield, rear vertical roof uprights and chopped wheel arches. Branded grille, consisting of seven “teeth” is combined with round headlights. The lower part of the body is covered with black trim around the perimeter, and the bottom is protected by metal plates. Behind the off-road vehicle looks modest: a rectangular glass combined with narrow lights.

The dimensions are following: length 4424 mm, the wheel base 2635 mm, weight 1570 kg, ground clearance 200 mm.


Patriot cabin was upgraded, but even then the quality of finishing materials was slightly worse than those of competitors. But plastic is very durable. Three-spoke steering wheel is trimmed with leather with chrome inserts on it, and on the center console. On the dashboard there are four dials: speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge pointers in the tank and the engine coolant temperature. The center console has mounted touchscreen of UConnect multimedia system. Switches of audio system and air conditioning system are large and comfortable. The transmission lever is right at driver’s fingertips. The steering column is adjusted by the height, but the driver's seat is equipped with electric adjustments, and provides a function of the seat heating. The seats are soft and offer good lateral support. The high seating position and large mirrors provide good visibility. On the second row the legroom is approximately the same in all three cars. Overhead space is enough for tall passengers. In Jeep the rear bench offers comfortable seats only for two passengers, as there is a high transmission tunnel. But the car is equipped with adjustable backrest tilt angle. The luggage compartment is 536 liters, with folded rear seats it increases to 1535.


The car is equipped with petrol four-cylinder engine 2.4 liter developing 170 hp at 6000 rev / min. It is highly resourceful as peak torque (220 Nm) is achieved at 4500 rev / min. In tandem with the “four” works stepless CVT, optimally selecting the engine speed and providing uniform acceleration. The vehicle reaches 100 km / h in 11.3 seconds and is capable to develop 185 km / h. The Jeep is the most economical in this trio: it consumes 11.1 liters / 100 km in the urban cycle and 7.8 l / 100 km - in a country.

All-wheel drive on Jeep Patriot can be switched on, and as in Grand Vitara, the driver can forcibly lock the center differential. In addition, Patriot and X-Trail are equipped with the technology assisting at the descent from the hill.

In the American tradition Jeep suspension is set to a comfortable drive. It is soft and can easily cope with the flaws of any road without problems. The downside is the tangible roll in corners. The steering wheel in off-road vehicle is very light, and it can be freely managed with several fingers. However, it lacks the information content. The brakes are good: the car is slowing down steadily.

Jeep Patriot 2,4 Limited is the most affordable in the top three, its price is 33 thousand Euros. It attracts with a soft suspension and economical engine; while Suzuki Grand Vitara (34 100 Eur) advantages are: good handling and all-wheel drive transmission with transfer case; and Nissan X-Trail (35 800 Eur) - rich equipment and good dynamics.

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