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John Deere

Committed to people linked to the Mother Land… This is a core value shared by thousands of employees of John Deere family. Founded in 1837, this American manufacturer of agricultural and construction vehicles/equipment has managed to win a good name in all continents. Nowadays products under this brand enjoy unsullied reputation, due to centuries-long traditions of producing high-quality solutions for life.

‘Nothing Runs Like a Deere’

This slogan in the best way possible speaks of Deere & Company products. Its logo with a leaping deer and the brand inscription has been used in marketing for over 135 years. It should be noted that the team uses different logo palettes to disintegrate its agricultural and construction developments. Few present-day manufacturers can boast such logo recognition as John Deere does.

As of 2014, Deere & Company was considered to be the largest agriculture machinery designer in the world with more than 67.000 employees worldwide. Its major operations are located in Moline, Illinois (administrative center) as well as in other parts of the USA. Still, the manufacturer runs a large number of foreign works (India, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Finland, France) which specialize in the production and marketing in major global markets: India, Brazil, Russia, China, Canada, and the USA.

Stable growth and increasing sales make John Deer brand one of the most valuable to date. Thus, in 2013 it was ranked 307th in the Fortune Global 500 list, while in 2014 it came the 80th in the ranking of the Fortune 500 (USA).

From Plows to Tractors

Deere & Company started in 1837 when John Deere opened a repairs shop in Grand Detour. Along with repairs, John manufactured small agriculture tools (i.e. shovels), including plows with a Scottish steel saw blades. The usage of steel for plows was a revolutionary invention at that time, since all farmers employed only wooden or iron analogues. In a few years Deere has set up a mass production of plows, of course, not without the assistance of L.Andrus Plough Manufacturer.

In 1868 the company adopted the current name – Deere & Company. John has been in presidency till 1886 till his son Charles took control of the operations. He was the one to advance the brand’s image nationwide.

At the turn of the century, the competition in the agricultural implements market rose dramatically. In this light, a new company’s president, William Butterworth, decided to expand to the tractor industry. Incessant experiments have brought the first fruits – Deere sparkled with Dain All-Wheel-Drive. Further on, it acquired Waterloo Boy company and settled down to the production of tractors under Waterloo Boy brand.

However, in 1923 the maker decided to return to own brand name and started the development of Model D tractor. This was a two-cylinder hand-cranked vehicle rode on steel wheels, released in amounts of 160.000 units. Five years later, a new GP (general purpose) line of tractors appeared; it included such models as GP Wide-Tread, GP Wide-Treat Series P, GP Orchard.

In 1934 Deere & Company showcased a new Model A lineup with 4-speed transmission gear. The line consisted of eight different models, including tricycle, orchard, industrial, and single front-tire frameworks. Afteryears the manufacturer has introduced Model B, Model G and Model GM prototype lines; they were distinguished by more horsepower, new transmission, different frames, and other advanced features.

Curiously enough, in 1929 John Deer teased an unstyled tractor. It was a modification of GP model, equipped with adjustable rear wheels and narrow front-end. This elaboration allowed the company to clamp solidly in the rowcrop farming market. As a result, these unstyled tractors have become leaders in the segment, maintaining their #1 status till these days.

Current Range of Products

Deere & Company is currently developing a large variety of implements under John Deere brand. The most significant production areas are:

- agricultural vehicles & equipment: tractors, harvesters (combine, cotton, sugarcane), sprayers, seeders, seed drills, scrapers, cutters, box drills;

- residential vehicles & equipment: riding mowers, zero-turn mowers, gator utility vehicles;

- construction vehicles & equipment: bulldozers, loaders, graders, excavators, backhoes, crawlers, dump trucks;

- forestry vehicles: forwarders, skidders, harvesters, bunchers;

- sports equipment: commercial mowers, riding greens mowers, bunker rakes, aeration systems, fairway mowers, walk greens mowers;

- snowmobiles;

- engines: industrial diesel, marine diesel, generator drive gears, drivetrain components;

- military equipment: power systems.

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