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Kawasaki is a brand, globally known primarily for the production of motorcycles. Nevertheless, a range of solutions provided by the Japanese manufacturer is versatile, including ATVs and watercraft units. Headquartered from Minato, Tokyo, the company was the first foreign car designer to build facilities in the USA. Nowadays it is a widely-recognized brand not only in America but also throughout the world, basically due to its early expansion to one of the most thriving markets.

Success Story

Kawasaki Motorcycle & Engine is a division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries international corporation based in Japan. Its major profile is the design of general-purpose engines, motorcycles and other personal vehicles. All aforementioned products are fabricated at Akashi City plant, Japan, as well as at foreign operations in the USA, Asia and South America. All works are environment-oriented, i.e. they recycle materials and convert them into packing units.

The first motorcycles of this maker had been unveiled under Meguro brand after the company Kawasaki Aircraft acquired Meguro Manufacturing Co in 1962. At that time the company settled down to the development of four-stroke engines for compact cars, but soon it refocused on motorcycles. Meguro K1 and Kawasaki W1 were the first pet projects, widely recognized in Japan. The K2, Samurai and Avenger were shipped to the USA in order to catch up with an expanding four-stroke segment.

In 1968 the brand showcased H1 March III motorcycle which had to compete with already known solutions from Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. In addition, the lineup of Kawasaki bikes boasted a number of iconic models. The Z1, H1 and GPz900R were equipped with engines primarily produced for aircrafts.

In 1974 the team decided to open operations in the USA, hoping to save on shipping costs and conform to the local needs. Hence, the Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. was established. The move was later followed by Toyota, Nissan and Honda.

Kawasaki is appreciated for adopting tough quality control standards which are applied to all stages of manufacture. Moreover, the company is environmentally responsible for all products and tries to integrate fuel-efficient and clean technologies within the process.

Watercraft Line

In 1973 Kawasaki proceeded with the development of marine vehicles and introduced the world’s first watercraft. Today its Jet Ski watercrafts are the leaders in the market. They are equipped with environmentally friendly four-stroke engines, supercharges, electric starting systems, digital fuel injection, and other innovative facilities.


An American-based division of Kawasaki runs a few operations across the country. The Maryville Plant specializes in the manufacture of general-purpose engines, employing over 600 workers. The plant operates according to just-in-time supply method that presupposes the elimination of costly overriding of parts and warehousing.

Some parts are produced on presses located on the assembly line; this provides for no shortages or excess inventory on these parts. What is more, each engine undergoes an exhaustive testing before the final release, ensuring a permanent reliability, safety and maneuvering of the future motorcycles.

Current Lineup

Kawasaki is currently offering a wide spectrum of vehicles, including:

- motorcycle lines: Ninja (H2, H2R), Motocross (KX 65/85/100/250F/450F), Off-Road (KLX 110/110L/140/140L), Dual-Purpose (KLR 650, KLS 250S), Cruisers (Vulcan S ABS/900 Custom/900 Classic/900 Classic LT/1700 Voyager ABS/1700 Vaquero ABS), Touring (Versus 650 LT/1000 LT, Concours 14 ABS), Sport (Z 1000 ABS, Z800 ABS, Ninja 100 ABS, Ninja 650 ABS, Ninja 300 ABS, Versys 650 ABS), Supersport (Ninja ZX-6R ABS/ZX-6R ABS 30th Anniversary/ ZX-10R ABS/ZX-10R ABS 30th Anniversary/ZX-14R ABS/ZX-14R ABS 30th Anniversary);

- ATV (all-terrain vehicles) lines: Sport Unitility (Brute Force 300/Force 750 4x4i/Force 750 4x4i EPS Camo/Force 750 4x4i EPS), Sport (KFX 50, KFX 90);

- side x side lines: Mule, Teryx, Mule Pro Series;

- watercraft line: Jet Ski Ultra, Jet Ski STX.

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