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Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish car manufacturer with a clear understanding of how dreams come true. Established in 1994 by a 22-year-old enthusiast Christian von Koenigsegg, the company has made a flash-like breakthrough in the production of high-performance vehicles. Its hypercars are currently globally recognized as the most efficient and safe solutions, legally certified for street use. Moreover, one of Koenigsegg’s models has been included in the Forbes list of 10 most beautiful cars ever constructed.

Key Events

Christian von Koenigsegg knows for sure what it is like to realize a cherished dream. Being a truly young man, he set a personal goal of creating a one-of-a-kind super car – and he did it! His first prototype CC model was finished in 1996. Since that time, his team has developed a line of hypercars with super possibilities and unparalleled efficiency. Due to the increasing operations and workforce, the owner decided to relocate the facilities to the Angelholm airport hangars in 1997.

In 2000 the CC model was upgraded to a full carbon fiber prototype and shown at Paris Motor Show. Further on, the line was replenished with CC8S and CCR models; both were produced in limited editions. In 2005 the CCR succeeded to break the Guinness speed record for the fastest car in the world; it attained some 241.63 mph, surpassing the previous record held by McLaren F1. Yet, the record held out not for long: that year Bugatti Veyron broke a new record, having attained 253.81 mph.

In 2009 Koenigsegg concluded a deal with General Motors for acquiring its subsidiary Saab Automobile. However, the agreement, worth of $600 million guaranteed by the European Investment Bank, was not finalized due to the timing uncertainty.

Second-to-None Innovations

The class of a car manufacturer is predicated upon a variety of factors. Achievements in the development of innovative technologies are probably a determinant criterion for becoming an industry leader. Taking into account this fact, Koenigsegg introduced a couple of innovations (both belong to Christian) which dramatically changed the perception of driving.

The first finding bears the name Dihedral Synchrohelix Door Actuation System. It is called to simplify egress and ingress during parallel parking. Initially, such door systems presupposed the completion of an unintuitive two-step motion. Christian was blessed to transform a complicated activity into a one-step motion. A totally automatic discovery can already be found in Regera model.

Supercharger response system is the other offbeat Koenigsegg innovation. The system substituted the blow of valve by closing the inlet with a throttle body before the supercharger. This technology benefited the internals in several ways: it improved engine response at quick throttle movements, reduced risk for leaks and audibility of supercharger whine, etc.

Model Range

Placing performance in the limelight, each and every Koenigsegg model is created manually by dozens of artisans who cut teeth on construction. Besides, you will hardly find any detail that hasn’t been tested personally by Christian.

After a blessing success with the CCR, the company has settled down to the development of CCX model. It was created just to comply with worldwide regulations for road use in terms of level of emissions and safety measures. In addition, the model passes all new European pedestrian impact tests.

In 2007 a low-volume automaker debuted with the CCXR model – a biofuel version of CCX. It featured a modified engine with mixed fuel system that allows the vehicle to run either on gas or ethanol. The latter is differentiated by an internal cooling effect and a higher octane index. Such peculiarity ensures the maximal performance within a few seconds.

In 2010 the producer teased new Agera model that boasted Koenigsegg’s proprietary 5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and a 7-speed transmission. The car has got a wide front track, perfected interior, new aero features, and ‘Ghost Light’ lighting technique.

In 2015 Koenigsegg came out to the market with a new Regera model (only 80 units are produced). This luxury megacar offers an unparalleled combination of luxury, control, power and responsiveness. Unlike other vehicles under this brand, Regera is a bit heavier solution with a focus on acceleration. According to designers’ point of view, there is only one car that can outperform Regera – another Koenigsegg model!

Interestingly enough, all Koenigsegg vehicles come out with a custom-made emblem. The latter is a modified version of the heraldic coat of arms of the Koenigsegg family, the origins of which go back to the 12th century.

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