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A golden bull against black background must be known to everyone, not necessarily just to automobilists. Cars the emblem embellishes are legends of the automotive industry. It may sound unbelievable but Ferruccio Lamborghini being nearly 50 years old couldn’t even imagine that half a century later his name would be associated with super-power sports cars and one of the most successful automotive companies ever.

A Tractor Company

During the WWII, Ferruccio Lamborghini served in the Italian army; he was an engineer here. However, when Mussolini’s regime fell and Italy wasn’t Nazi Germany’s ally anymore, Ferruccio came over to the Britons’ side. It let him get valuable information about their military equipment construction.

When the war was over, Lamborghini decided to set up own business. Tons of military machinery were needless then that’s why were sold out. Ferruccio established a company that manufactured tractors. In his opinion, this type of engineering was necessary for a devastated but gradually reviving country. And he was right. His first tractor appeared to be very simple and reliable that made it successful.

If Pride Wouldn’t Be Hurt

Ferruccio’s business thrived. When he became a well-to-do Italian, he bought a Ferrari car. However, Ferruccio wasn’t pleased with a purchase. A car disappointed him so much that he went to Enzo Ferrari to point out the flaws and share ideas on how his cars could be improved.

If it weren’t for Enzo’s hot temper and imprudence he revealed at the moment, who knows the Lamborghini brand would emerge or not. Being furious to hear that a producer of tractors shouldn’t meddle in sports cars production, Lamborghini made up his mind to construct own sports car that would be better than Ferrari’s.

The First Lamborghini

Ferruccio bought a factory in Sant´Agata Bolognese (Lamborghini has been headquartered here up to the present) and involved the best designers and engineers. In 1963, the Lamborghini 350 GT was unveiled.

Ferruccio was a Taurean that’s why he adorned his vehicles with a picture of this animal. The same theme was preserved in names of Lamborghini autos – they were named after famous bulls that participated in corridas.

Previously Produced Models

The company became really successful when the Miura was represented at the Turin Auto Show in 1965. It was the first car in the world with a central motor location. The car was equipped with a 12-cylinder 4-litre 350 hp engine, which was placed across a vehicle on a special frame behind a driver.

In 1968, the Islero 400 GT made a debut. The model was named after a bull that killed an outstanding matador Manolete in 1947.

The same year, one of the most popular models in Lamborghini’s history premiered. The Espada was the first family four-seater supercar.

In 1970, the Urraco P250 with an 8-cylinder 2.5-litre centrally located engine was launched. Besides, the Jarama 400 GT with a 4-litre V12 motor was produced.

The next year, at the Geneva Motor Show, the company demonstrated the revolutionary Lamborghini Countach concept car that created a furore. The auto was powered with a 365 hp 4-litre motor that could accelerate up to 300 km/h.

Lamborghini Continued To Make Tractors

Don’t think that the company completely switched to auto production. Not at all. Furthermore, tractors brought it main income till 1972, when the company lost a highly profitable contract for tractors delivery to Bolivia. This failure forced the company to sell its tractors production to Fiat. However, these vehicles have been made under the Lamborghini brand by SAME DEUTZ-FARH until now.

Financial Troubles

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of Lamborghini’s hard times. In 1978, it declared itself bankrupt and soon was sold to brothers Jean-Claude and Patrick Mimram from Switzerland.

In 1987, Lamborghini was bought out by American Chrysler. It was rather unexpectedly because Chrysler had serious financial difficulties itself at the time. It’s held that such a decision was just Lee Iacocca’s whim; he flattered himself with a thought to own such a legend as Lamborghini.


The Jalpa sports model with a targa body, which was named after a Mexican breed of fighting bulls, was launched in the 80s. It was equipped with a 3.5-litre 255 hp V8 motor.

But it was the Diablo that propelled the automaker to the top of the world automobile industry again. The basis of the construction was a space pipe frame and a body made of superhard but at the same time lightweight materials. A 492 hp motor was placed behind a passenger compartment. It could speed up to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds.

Although Lamborghini is owned by German Audi AG (since 1998), the cars under this brand remain the most popular in its class.

In 2008, the Estoque with a 5.2-litre 500 hp V10 engine hit the front page as well as the LP 560-4, equipped with a 5.2-litre 552 hp V12 motor that reaches 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds (in additional 11.8 seconds, it gains it maximum speed – 323 km/h).

Lamborghini’s current line-up consists of the Huracán and the Aventador.

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