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Lamborghini Gallardo

Gallardo is one of the most successful Lamborghini models in the company's history. Its secret seems to be simple: without losing the main qualities of cars of this brand (speed, power, extravagant design), it has become more practical and better suited for everyday driving. At the Geneva Motor Show was presented a modification LP560-4. Lamborghini connoisseurs immediately deciphered the name. LP stands for coupe layout - Longitudiale Posteriore (centrally located longitudinal engine), the index 560 - a power of the engine, and 4 - the number of driving wheels. In Lamborghini Gallardo Review the reader will find all the information about this car.


This car has already become a classic; its design is a modern interpretation of the traditional Lamborghini style. Since the motor is in the base, the cabin is shifted forward as much as possible. Chopped lines make Gallardo sharp as a razor, which fully reflects its character. The front air intakes, almost the same as in the exclusive Lamborghini Reventon, make the car even more aggressive. The bi-xenon headlamps are paired with thin LED fluorescent lights.

The engine is covered with a new transparent cover that allows you to see it. Headlights in concept Miura style, grille, bumper and diffuser visually make hull back wider and lower. The spoiler extends at speeds above 120 km / h. Aerodynamic improvements have allowed increasing the downforce by 31%. Alloy wheels, 19 inches in diameter, are available in silver or black, the tire size is 235/35 ZR19 front and 295/30 ZR19 rear.

Despite the fact that the height of the car is just 1,165 mm, it is easy to get inside, even though there are traditional and not lambo-doors.


The cabin is trimmed with the most expensive materials. The seats are covered with leather or Alcantara, and they are controlled by the drive and have good lateral support. The instrument panel and center console are trimmed with leather or carbon fiber. Climate switches resemble tumblers in the cockpit. Above them there is a color monitor of a rearview camera. This is a very useful option, because the narrow rear window does not provide with the proper overview when parking. Between the speedometer and tachometer there is another screen which depicts the selected gear. The trunk volume is modest 110-liter boot; in addition, the Gallardo now has cup holders.

Technical Equipment

Dual-zone climate control, an abundance of electric drives, the USB-port, four airbags, anti-lock brakes, ESP stabilization system and traction control ASR, and Lamborghini Multimedia System - all this is a basic equipment. However, you can pay extra for a navigation system, Bluetooth and TV-tuner. But still the main unit is behind the seat backs. The new 5.2-liter V10 has become even more powerful. Its cylinder block is made of aluminum alloy. The engineers has completely redesigned the ignition, added direct injection and increased compression ratio. As a result, the number of horses under the hood has reached 560, and torque increased to 540 Nm.

Powertrain and Drive

As soon as you start the engine you can hear the roaring sound, but at 4000 rev / min when in the exhaust system opens a throughput valve, and the sound is really impressive. Innovation from Lamborghini is Thrust launch, which allows sharp start without slipping. The car just takes off, and in 3.7 seconds the speedometer shows 100 km / h, and on a straight road the coupe can accelerate to 325 km / h. The arrow of a tachometer easily gets to the maximum of 8500 rev / min, and rests on the rev limiter. 6-speed manual gearbox is the base, and for a fee the owner can set automatic transmission e-gear.

Four-wheel drive keeps the car stable at the start; it also provides more confident handling. Yet 70% of the torque is transmitted to the rear axle, and in many ways the car behaves like a rear-wheel drive. The weight distribution is excellent, by the standards of a mid-model - 43% on the front axle and 57% - on the rear.

As soon as you enter the city and choose the transmission mode Auto, Gallardo calms down, the engine becomes quite and the car easily maneuvers in the city traffic. To overcome obstacles, such as “speed bumps”, there is a function of increasing the ground clearance in the front. The fuel consumption in a version with manual transmission is 22 l / 100 km in the urban cycle and 10 l / 100 km - in a country. Coupe with e-gear is more economical - 20.7 and 13.7 l / 100 km, respectively. And CO2 emissions are reduced from 400 to 325 g / km.

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