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Land Rover

Land Rover, a part of Jaguar Land Rover, is a British automotive company that specializes in premium SUVs. Since 2008, it has belonged to an Indian multinational automaker Tata Motors.

Difficult Start

Obviously, the British economy – as well as economy of any other country in the world – was devastated after the WWII. Strategic materials quotas were divided only among the enterprises that could make competitive products for export, and elegant Rover autos were totally unclaimed. Under such hard circumstances, Spencer Wilks, Rover’s CEO, was ready to produce anything if only to survive the crisis and save the business.

By a miracle, the government permitted Rover to resume civil vehicles production and made the plant in Solihull (during the war, it was a secret defence government enterprise that produced aircraft and tank engines) available.

The Land Rover

Brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilks, who ran Rover at that time, designed the Land Rover on the basis of the American Willys Jeep in 1947. The destination of this reasonably priced, simple project was to keep the company afloat until the government slacked metal quotas. As an alternative, they made the Land Rover’s body of aluminium, which was more available than traditional steel. Besides, it was easier to work, lighter, and corrosion-proof. In other words, it was a perfect material for an off-road vehicle.

The new Land Rover went far beyond its original destination. It was sold in 68 countries and soon became more popular than Rover’s saloons. The car worked at construction sites, helped farmers, life-savers, and doctors as only this auto could make its way to hard-to-reach places. Also, it was delivered to military establishments all over the world. The Land Rover associated with reliability and first-class technical specifications.

Models Produced Later

True to the Land Rover’s classic traits – a rigid carriage framework and lightweight, corrosion-proof body – Rover’s engineers got down to making a ‘civilized’ Land Rover, which was primarily meant for suburb residents. As a result, the Range Rover was unveiled June 17, 1970.

In 1989, at the International Motor Show Germany, the Land Rover Discovery was represented. Based on the Range Rover’s wheelbase but with simpler and cheaper body, the car was designed for family vans market segment.

Engineers intended to provide the next car, the Freelander (1997), with all possible advantages an off-roader could give. While working on the new model, they created a number of unique solutions that were applied in next, more developed models (the HDC system, for example). Marketing compact all-wheel drive cars for active rest contributed to the company’s success.


Due to the fact that pace of our life speeds up each year, active driving comes to the fore. With this in mind, Rover launched the Range Rover Sport, a representative of sport tourer class, in 2005. The new car combines swiftness of sports cars and cross-country capability of the Land Rover.

Since 2011, the Range Rover Evoque has been produced.

The legendary six – the Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Range Rover Sport, and the Range Rover Evoque – are truly unique AWD SUVs ranked second to none.

Interesting Facts

- Incredible reliability of the Range Rover (1970) was proved when a group of the British servicemen, commanded by Colonel John Blashford-Snell, ran a motor rally covering the distance from Anchorage (Alaska) to Ushuaia (Angentina). The trip took them half a year.

- Although at the beginning the Range Rover wasn’t officially sold in the US, wealthy Americans were interested in the best AWD cars. Interestingly, the people who lived in the country with perfect roads wanted to buy a car meant for off-road conditions, chiefly, despite the fact that there weren’t Rover’s official service centres in the US then.

- According to the result of marketing research, in the 60s, one-third of world’s all-wheel drive cars were the Land Rovers.

- The Range Rover (1970) was exhibited in the Louvre Museum as the example of outstanding achievement in the sphere of automobile design.

- 70% of ever-manufactured Land Rover cars have been loyally serving their owners up to the present.

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