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MAN Truck & Bus AG, formerly known as MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, is the largest division of MAN SE in terms of production, sales and revenue. It is one of the leading Europe’s manufacturers of transportation solutions, including commercial vehicles (special-purpose), buses, engines, gear units, and turbomachinery. Currently, the company employs over 55.000 artisans in all existing facilities in and outside Germany. Their meticulous work brings the division solid annual revenue, in an approximate amount of 14.3 billion euros.

Corporate Responsibility

Being one of the manufacturing gurus in the international arena, MAN is always ready for new challenges. One of those challenges is to ensure the success of business through the contribution to people and environment. A well-elaborated corporate strategy enacts to focus all activities around four cornerstones: people, integration, production process, and products.

MAN’s key perspective for the future years lies in the reduction of CO2 emissions by 25% in the course of production. With this idea in mind, it regularly carries out audits of all facilities, outlining areas for improvement. In order to ensure the implementation of the target goal, the team has adopted ecological and energy policy that comprises mandatory guidelines for all employees.

Commercial Vehicles

MAN’s glorious path in the design of trucks started in early 1900s. The maker experimented as with body so with engine types to comply with erstwhile customer demands. However, it was not until 1977 that the brand gained global fame, partially thanks to the cooperation with Volkswagen. MAN’s first truck on VW LT body, released in an amount of 72.000, was available in four modifications with different engines and wheelbases. Additionally, the team introduced a 4x4 version of this lorry with a forward-control cab (G series). A bit later the G series was replaced by L2000 & M2000 lines.

Upon the whole, the deal on cooperation with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles department presupposed the division of functions in the course of production. Thus, MAN was accountable for the manufacture of engines, fuel systems, suspensions, steering, frames, brakes, wheels & tires, tipping mechanisms; in its turn, VW catered for interior equipment, heating, manual gearbox, gear lever, cardan shafts, bearings, electrical system, and driver’s cab options.

Nowadays MAN offers four lines of trucks: TGX (long-haul), TGS (heavy-duty), TGM (distribution), TGL (short-haul, distribution). All vehicles offer the customers unmatched experience due to exhibiting such outstanding characteristics as reliability, comfort, economy, versatility, body-friendliness, safety, high efficiency, and durability.

Bus Range

MAN distinguishes itself by a line of top-tier buses, widely used in many countries for varied commuting needs. Today the designer offers four lines of buses:

- Lion’s City – low floor units intended to meet routine urban passenger transport demands; each model features a modular design and enjoys such privileges as comfort, safety & fuel economy;

- Lion’s Intercity – vehicles available in different configurations to adjust to the community needs; they might serve as intercity, shuttle or school bus transportation means;

- Lion’s Regio – comprehensive units intended as for in-city, so for intercity distances (journeys, excursions); all models boast a variety of technical innovations, combined with a dramatically low fuel consumption;

- Lion’s Coach – high-profile passenger units intended for long distances (i.e. traveling to foreign countries); they are characterized by ultimate comfort for passengers and ultimate maneuverability for drivers.


For many decades MAN has been recognized as a global supplier of diesel and natural gas engines. Currently, MAN-branded engines fall into one of four available lines:

- on-road – efficient diesel units for special-purpose cars and buses; they correspond to Euro 3 and Euro 6 standards;

- off-road – powerful diesel units for industrial and agricultural vehicles;

- power – gas units with low-emission output for power stations and cogeneration plants;

- marine – four-stroke diesel units for commercial marine shipping.

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