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Mazda 3

Mazda 3 is a compact car of Japanese production, which has already developed itself to the third generation since 2003. In this Mazda 3 Review we are going to talk about last generation of this car. A bit unexpectedly Mazda3 of new generation was perhaps the most anticipated car of the end of 2013 year. After restyling a new design delighted many fans of the brand and price. Contrary to fears, the car is very competitive.

Design and Interior

New Mazda 3 is like a lizard clung to the ground, ready to straighten the elastic body and rush forward. The impression is enhanced by quite long bonnet and muscular rear arches. A sly squint of bi xenon makes the passing cars give way without delay. 16-inch wheels look too tiny in powerful arches, 17 " would look better. However, from a rational point of view, the choice is clear and reasonable. Larger diameter would affect the price and the comfort of the vehicle.

In daylight and lit instruments there is no sign of darkness. There is really too much of black plastic, but it is sufficiently diluted with small silver and glossy inserts, exactly so that they do not seem redundant. The interior design is restrained, no frills, everything is European strict without Asian blatancy.

A soon as you get behind the steering wheel the seat immediately tightly covers the back, which gives a sense of security; the seat tenaciously holds the body during sudden maneuvers. The trunk is 314 l, which is enough for the full-size spare tire plus usable stuff. The interior is not disappointing; it looks great and feels good.

Info and Entertainment

The display of multimedia system is striking. Touch screen allows controlling all functions directly from it. But for security, the control is duplicated by keys on the center console.

The interface of multimedia system in comparison with the Mazda6 and CX5 is much updated, there are more graphics and increased display resolution. As a result, the system was transformed and began to look much more interesting and modern. There are all the settings, you can see the statistics on fuel consumption, control the projection speedometer and much more. There is a tab with the navigation, slot for listening to music and two USB-ports (e.g. for a flash drive and phone charging).

Interestingly, the recorder can be either a CD-drive, and without it like in the Touring configuration. And in this version the USB-port and a slot for SD-cards are located under a climate control unit. But in the Touring + the ports are hidden in the armrest. And since we talk about the armrest, in addition to the USB ports and a small tray for the player and phone, there is still a deep box for any useful things. Cruise control in this configuration has fallen victim to marketing and is put only on the top versions.

Powertrain and Drive

Mazda 3 Review tells about the car with 1.5l new engine using SkyActive technology. Power - 120 hp and maximum torque - 150 Nm is achieved at 4000 rev/min. Compression ratio - 14: 1. Acceleration to 100 km/h is 11.7 s. The car accelerates rather sluggishly, but in city traffic if feels just fine. The advantage of a complete set Touring + there are paddle shifters, you may not rely on the algorithms of the box and at the right moment you can change the gears manually, and then it will return to Drive itself.

On the overtaking the maneuvers should be well calculated in advance, accelerate slightly to go out into the oncoming lane with good speed difference from a passing car.

All this is combined with nice digits on the on-board computer. Driving around town in a mode of 70-80 km/h and almost without traffic lights is 4.8 l / 100 km. Normal Mode City - 6.8-7.4 l / 100 km. The track is 110 km / h, 2 500 rev / min - 6.7 l / 100 km. 130 km / h, 3 000 r / min - 8.5 l / 100 km. As you can see, in the city the consumption is very nice, but when driving fast on the highway it grows. It is likely that the two-liter engine at speed of 130 km / h will have less consumption.


At first glance, the new Mazda3 seems expensive. But if you carefully compare not only prices, but also a complete set, the competitors do not offer a comparable level of equipment, or they are more expensive. Interestingly, the hatchback is only available with an automatic transmission. If you want the car with mechanics, the only one option is a sedan with old 1.6-liter engine; the two-liter engine is available only on hatchback.

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