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Mazda 6

Mazda 6 is a very beautiful car, which has a lovely view from all sides with its completed lines. But what does this beauty hide? Can SkyActiv essence be a discovery, justify a high price and impress the competitors? We will find this out in Mazda 6 Review with two-liter engine and automatic transmission.


Mazda 6 is a sample of a great Japanese design, refined and beautiful. You may witness how its smooth lines hide the impressive dimensions of the vehicle, which is even bigger than Ford Mondeo with its protruding trunk. The third generation Mazda 6 reminds a cat ready to jump at any moment for its prey.

The design is impressive with the rare combination of swiftness, energy and, at the same time, certain solidity and restraint. The Japanese brand Mazda has created a car that can give a head start to the European flagships for the expression; and at the same time it won’t go out of date in one to two years. The car does not look bulky, despite the significant increase in size - this generation of “six” rose by 13.5 cm in length and 4.5 in width and a couple of centimeters in height.


Inside, the Mazda 6 is not less interesting than the outside. The salon has become more qualitative, modern, large and ergonomic. The interior is almost the same as in the Mazda CX-5. But in the new “six” it is more like a European business sedan than a Japanese family car with sports bias, as it was before. The quality of assembly and materials is high: front panel and doors are made of soft plastic. The trim of seats looks good, at first glance seems quite practical. The interior looks very solid, even with the middle equipment, not to mention the top-end version with a light perforated leather inserts and purple “wood” on the panel - a true business class!

At the basis of 2 830 mm Mazda 6 of new generation is ready to offer you much more space in the cabin, especially at the back. Compared with the previous version the space has grown by as much as 115 mm. The range of adjustment driver's seat and the steering column is impressive and it seems Mazda 6 has not lost its sporty enthusiasm.


The multimedia system in this configuration does not include the navigation, but it is able to play the Audio files from flash drives and mobile phones, including the iPhone, both USB, and via Bluetooth. Most of the buttons are clear, accessible and understandable to use. In particular this applies to the air conditioning system with a European design, the buttons on the steering wheel became more convenient. And the gearshift joystick is comfortable and functional.

The dashboard is very stylish, with “carbon” panels and white lights. On-board computer is integrated into the right well. Its interface is simple and intuitive; in addition to choosing the information about the trip you can change some settings of the car there.

Drive and Powertrain

In the normal drive mode the car is doing everything possible to save fuel. The two-liter atmospheric engine develops 165 hp and 210 Nm of torque, with maximal 4000 rev / min. And what is SkyActiv? This is a whole range of technologies designed primarily for efficiency - start / stop system, a more efficient transmission sharpened by saving engine with high compression of 14: 1, 100 kg light weight body, and in the top of the range - Brake Energy Regeneration. All this together made it possible to achieve phenomenal results: for 2l. engine the consumption is 6l. on the highway, and 7.7 liters in the city. For engine of 2.5 liter - 6.3 liter and 8.5 liter respectively. If we compare these figures with the previous “six”, this turns out about 25% of the difference. Cruise control helps to significantly save fuel even in the city, not to mention the road. The controls are simple and intuitive, the selected speed is displayed on the dashboard.


New Six is ​​good, nice looking from the outside, convenient and comfortable inside, it can give the happy owner a lot of pleasant emotions from the driving dynamics and its appearance. Mazda 6 is selected more with a heart and soul than the mind and wallet. Moreover, it is a good chance to stand out from the stream of Camry and Passat on the city streets.

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