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Mitsubishi Colt

Do you have children of a school age who need to be dropped off at school and picked up later? Probably, you also have to go to a grocery store, bank, and so on and so forth meantime. Am I right? For parents, every single day is restless as they have to manage a million of affairs as soon as possible. A car that’s created for driving in the city and is inexpensive to own is the Mitsubishi Colt. It’s perfect for families who would like to purchase a supermini and I’ll explain why.


The Mitsubishi Colt is amazingly spacious inside, especially if it’s a five-door model. Two adults or three children will be comfortably seated at the back. They won’t feel cramped in any case as long as there’s pretty much head- and legroom as well as shoulder room front and back.

The car’s another strong point is that there are many storage departments scattered across the cabin. Your belongings are always organized and the cabin looks neat.

Those who know how the previously produced Colt looks like will immediately notice a larger boot in facelifted models. Its capacity increased from 155 to 160 litres in three-door hatchbacks; five-door models now have 186 litres of boot capacity instead of 168.

Thanks to the car’s suspension, your ride will be pleasant even if you’re driving on poor roads. However, a long journey in the Colt can be irritating due to hard seats and extreme noise in the cabin the engine generates (on highways, when the car can be significantly accelerated especially). Note that a 1.1-litre one is the quietest among motors the automaker offers for the Colt.


The Mitsubishi Colt can be equipped with a range of engines. The base models, the CZ1, are propelled by a 1.1-litre 45 bhp petrol engine that can speed the car up to 62 mph in 12.8 seconds and is coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. Although it can rival other, larger engines, it performs better in the city, not on the highway. The Mitsubishi Colt’s steering is very much responsive that allows turning, parking, and other manoeuvers be precise and effortless.

A 1.3-litre engine your Colt can be propelled by generates 95 bhp and reaches 62 mph mark in 11.8 seconds. Being a second faster than a 1.1-litre one, it’s as fuel-efficient as it is. Moreover, you can pair it with the AMT Allshift, a 6-speed automated manual gearbox.

Besides, there’s the 1.3 ClearTec motor. It also produces 95 bhp but is much more fuel-efficient: it reduced CO2 emissions from 130 to 119 g/km. Some modern features, such as low rolling resistance tyres and Auto Stop & Go, increased its mileage from 47.1 to 56.5 mpg.

A three-door Ralliart equipped with a 1.5-litre 147 bhp petrol engine speeds up to 62 mph in 7.4 seconds while the one with five doors requires 7.6 seconds.


An equipment set varies from one Colt’s version to another. There are four of them coming as three- and five-door hatchbacks each: the CZ1, CZ2, Juro, and Ralliart.

The Mitsubishi Colt CZ1, which is the base trim level, offers electric front windows, split/fold rear seats, central locking, MP3, etc. The CZ2 adds alloy wheels, electrically adjusted door mirrors, cruise control, and air conditioning. The Juro version comes with even more stylish features, alloy wheels painted in grey, Bluetooth, and leather seats in particular, but only the Ralliart has an electronic stability program.

Among optional features are rear-parking sensors, 8.5-inch DVD display, satellite navigation, boot liner, tow bar, roof rack, spoiler, etc.

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