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Morgan Motor Company is a British producer of exclusive sports cars (modern Morgan’s cars are assembled manually in small numbers), headquartered in Malvern, Worcestershire, England. The company is a family business. At the moment, it’s headed by Charles Morgan, grandson of Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, the company’s founder.

Establishment of the Company

The history of the Morgan Company began in 1906 when a young engineer and entrepreneur Henry Morgan decided to develop a bus service in his native town, Malvern Link, and neighbourhood. With this in mind, he opened an autopark of rented vehicles.

An idea to construct own auto occurred to him a bit later, after he experimented with a Eagle Tandem three-wheeler. His efforts resulted in the Morgan Runabout of 1909. It was a three-wheel two-seat car. Due to its lightweight and a powerful Peugeot 90 hp engine under the bonnet, the car could compete with the fastest autos of the time.

Henry Morgan didn’t intend to start an automobile business. However, after the London Motor Show in 1910, he, to his surprise, was ordered to build several cars. With investments from his father, Henry registered the Morgan Motor Company in 1912. The same year, mass production of the Morgan Runabout began. The model’s popularity gained momentum, and by 1919, about 2,500 cars were manufactured. It was a significant achievement for such a small company.

From Three- to Four-Wheel Cars

The Morgan three-wheelers were sports cars. They participated in numerous races and rallies and could give any four-wheel auto a head start. In 1933, the best-selling version of the Morgan Runabout, equipped with a Ford 10 hp engine and plate radiator, was developed.

In 1936, the first four-wheel Morgan, the Morgan Four Four, was turned out. The model was called in such a way due to its four wheels and a four-cylinder engine. In a couple of years, in 1938, a new version the Drophead Coupé was launched. Interestingly, the three-wheel Morgan cars were so popular that they were made up to 1952. When they were discontinued, the company slid to a financial crisis.

Modern Models

The situation in the company changed for the better only in 1968 when the mighty Morgan Plus 8, powered by a Rover four-litre V8, was launched. It was followed by the Morgan Plus 8 Vitesse, which was the first Morgan auto to apply an electronically controlled fuel injection system.

In 2000, at the Geneva Motor Show, the Morgan Aero 8 premiered. All advantages of a vintage style and modern technologies are skilfully combined in this car.

The Morgan AeroMax is even more expensive and unique, having the most remarkable design among mass-produced autos. The first and only AeroMax so far was manufactured by request of Eric Sturdza, president of the Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza SA and old fancier of the marque.

The AeroMax has a traditional for Morgan architecture – a lightweight handmade aluminium body is on a wooden frame. Unusual double electric drive rear windows of the coupe provide access to a luggage compartment leathered with Connolly. An engine and package are the same as in the Aero 8.

In 2006, the Morgan Aero 8 New was unveiled. It differs from its precursor with a very much altered, modern body design. The auto is powered by a 4.4-litre 333 hp V8 by BMW, which lets the car speed up to 250 km/h. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

Morgan has been producing three-wheelers, which brought fame to them more than a century ago, even today. Apart from this, Morgan’s model range includes classic models such as the Plus 4, the Plus 8, and the Roadster, and Aero 8. These perfectly built cars with exclusive design and luxurious interior are of great interest of collectors and public figures. The company works on a revolutionary auto that will run on oxygen and hydrogen.

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