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Nissan 350 Z

Nissan always boggles the mind by a versatility of approaches towards the creation of an ideal means of transportation. Thus, unprecedented sedans, crossovers and sports cars appear on the market as a result of new nontrivial ideas. Take alone 350 Z series of vehicles which are able to satisfy the demands of any motorist! What’s new for 2015? Let’s find it out from Nissan 350 Z review.

Basic Info

The 350 Z series of 2015 production line entails three different chassis: Coupe, Roadster and Nismo. The triple shares a bunch of analogous styling features, including a streamlined design, a perfect maneuverability and an unflinching efficiency. The most outstanding peculiarities are a laid-back windshield, an aggressive front bodywork and shipshape cabin with Z theme throughout. At the same time, each model differentiates itself by some prominent traits.

Yet, the 350 Z Coupe boasts a pronounced sports profile, while the 350 Z Roadster has more sensuous exterior thanks to a power-retracting soft rooftop. The latter looks sleek but lets the noise penetrate into the saloon. An increased noise level is considered to be a main drawback of the model. The Nismo enhances the body styling with flares and wings, getting rid of a bulky spoiler.

Inside, the models get a feel for a sports car. They are equipped with low-slung, supportive & comfortable seats with power-adjust and ventilation options. The finish/upholstery is all about luxury leather, premium plastic and other soft-touch materials.

Trims & Packages

It should be noted that all three Nissan 350 Z 2015 body types are shipped in different trim levels and packages. All base vehicles have such standard features as keyless entry, daytime LED lights, HID headlights, and an advanced stereo system.

Thus, the Nismo version has outlived a major revision. The manufacturer has endowed the car with Recaro seating, LED running lights, an optional automatic gearbox with downshift rev-matching. Moreover, Nissan adds Tech package to the model; it includes Homelink universal transmitter, Bluetooth connectivity, Bose audio system, navigation system with a touch-screen, Sirius XM radio.

The 350 Z Roadster might come either with Touring or Touring Sport package, whereas the 350 Z Coupe is eligible for Sport and Sport Tech packages. The Touring trim adds heated and cooled seats as well as a more sophisticated audio system. The Sport package offers 19-inch alloy wheels, Bridgestone Potenza tires, SynchroRey manual transmission, large brakes, and limited-slip rear differential.

To continue with Nissan 350 Z review, irrespective of the trim, all model versions come with a universal safety kit which involves front/side airbags (Nismo has additional side curtains), stability control system, traction control, and anti-lock brakes.

Powertrain & Performance

All 350 Z vehicles are rear-wheel driven. Coupe and Roadster models come instrumented with a 3.7-liter V-6 engine (VQ series), able to produce 332 horsepower. Nismo boasts an upgraded version of the engine, demonstrating up to 350 horsepower. Extra power is taken from H-pattern exhaust and optimized engine specifications.

Besides, the driver can choose between 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmissions. Manual mechanisms come with an integrated SynchroRey system that switches the throttle automatically on downshift. Automatic gearbox offers similar functionality but with less directness.

As far as fuel consumption is concerned, each model version performs in a different way. It is estimated that Coupe can run 18 mpg in city, 26 mpg in highway and 21 mpg in combined driving conditions; Roadster performs a bit better: 17/25/20 mpg respectively. Nismo car consumes as much as Coupe with manual transmission. Nonetheless, versions with automatic gearbox ‘eat’ some extra 1 mpg in city and combined driving patterns.

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