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Nissan Terrano

If there is a twin award among automobiles, Nissan Terrano and Renault Duster would definitely win it. Indeed, the 2014 Nissan’s model looks much alike a globally recognized crossover. It goes without saying that the manufacturer has completed some upgrades to add some hallmarks to the new-comer. What are they? Let’s enumerate all of them in a fresh Nissan Terrano review.


Nissan Terrano features the following specifications:

- dimensions: 2000x4342x1668 mm (w/l/h);

- wheelbase: 2674 mm;

- clearance: 210 mm;

- body type: crossover, 5 seats, 5 doors;

- colors: base White Acrylic + 5 variations of metallic;

- trim lines: base Comfort + Elegance, Elegance Plus & Tekna.


First of all, it should be mentioned that the model boasts a whole range of exterior features inherent to off-road vehicles: a chrome-plated grille, a front bumper that matches the chassis’ paintwork, luggage bars on the rooftop, conspicuous hood lines, and 16-inch light alloy wheels with ideal traction. The rear part of the body is differentiated by large taillights and a new bumper equipped with a tow rail.

In addition, Nissan has furnished the car with an advanced MacPherson suspension and a semidetached spring construction. The couple ensures an excellent flotation capability on any type of roads, including hills, road bumps, track lines, etc.

Interior Layout

The 2014 Terrano is primarily differentiated by spaciousness. Both front and rear seats are estimated for mid- and large-sized adults; there is sufficient leg/shoulder/head room for occupants of 2 m in height. The driver’s seat features high waist, although it lacks any adjustments in the base trim. All other seats are plain but comfortable. The back seats are void of back rest adjustment; yet, the angle of slope is optimal.

The trunk is probably the main hallmark of the model. It is able to accommodate 475 liters of luggage with all seats in place. Nonetheless, the capacity might be enlarged to 1636 liters with backrests folded (in 60/40 ratio). Moreover, it’s possible to elongate the trunk to 2.65 m by folding the front passenger seat.

One of the drawbacks is absence of the armrest between the front seats. Still, the driver can take one from any Duster and be sure that it’ll fit the interior.

To continue with Nissan Terrano review, the fascia is coated in a high-quality plastic. All the fittings are perfectly shaped, the central console contains square air inlets. There is an additional glove compartment under the windshield. Besides, the dashboard is peculiar by a user-friendly multimedia control panel. The steering wheel now shows off Nissan’s badge.

The top-tier Tekna trim comes with NissanConnect multimedia system. It is furnished with a 5-inch sensor display, an audio system, USB interface, Bluetooth, and 3D navigation system. The latter offers a real-time map with automatically changing scale and a sightseeing guide.


Nissan Terrano is shipped with a variety of powertrain options. The customer can choose between a 2.0-liter gasoline engine (135 horsepower, 191 nm torque) combined with a 4-speed robotic transmission/6-speed manual transmission or a 1.6-liter engine (102 horsepower, 145 nm of torque) paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In any case, the vehicle will perform strongly on various conditions thanks to a powerful braking system as well as the integration of ABS & EBD technologies.

Driving Modes

Nissan Terrano 2014 boasts the availability of three driving modes: 2WD, Auto and Lock. The first one enables the reduction of fuel consumption on dry asphalt, transmitting the torque to the front wheels. The Auto mode automatically distributes the torque between the axles, ensuring the best maneuverability and stability. Finally, the Lock mode is activated on slippery, muddy or sandy surfaces; it blocks interaxial clutch on low speed (up to 80 km/h) to provide for a better road grip.

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