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Scion FR

Toyota and Subaru have jointly developed a new rear-drive coupe. The compact car appeared in 2012, initially presented as a concept car in Tokyo and Geneva. Another prototype was prepared for the New York Auto Show and it got the name Scion FR-S, which will be described in Scion FR Review. These initials mean “front-engined, rear-wheel drive, sport”. In other words, it is a small sports coupe for drivers who value speed and good dynamics.

Technical Characteristics

FR-S does not fit into existing categories; it is rear-wheel drive and it competes with the Volkswagen GTI and Mazda Speed3. But at the same time it is light and small, so it avoids comparisons with heavier Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro in initial configuration. Its price of $ 24,930 forces many buyers to prefer this car to the four above mentioned. FR-S is a conveyor twin to Subaru BRZ. Boxer 4-cylinder Toyota engine with direct fuel injection delivers 100 hp per liter of naturally aspirated displacement – this is a good benchmark for high-performance engines.

Scion FR-S is equipped with a 2.0-liter boxer petrol “four” capacity of about 200 hp. The production model is also available with a more powerful 260-horsepower version of this engine. Rear-drive coupe is equipped with 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions at choice.


The car body is made of high-strength steel and the hood is aluminum. FR-S has a lower center of gravity than the Porsche Cayman and is 10 centimeters lower than the Nissan 70Z. Weight distribution on axes - 53-47 (front-back) which makes FR-S more manageable than the supposedly perfect weight distribution 50-50. FR-S has a softer front MacPherson setup than that on fellow BRZ, but behind it has rather stiff suspension with double wishbones. Front and rear brakes are ventilated disc. Ironically, FR-S has the same tires that Toyota Prius. Low rolling resistance ensures better fuel economy and allows the vehicle to drift in turns, and this, coupled with the weight distribution is certainly appreciated by the fans of extreme sports. Gear ratios of six-speed box correspond to sporty driving.


Standard equipment includes 17-inch wheels, windshield wipers with variable pitch, halogen headlights, cruise control, immobilizer, leather steering wheel and gearshift knob, as well as a 300-watt AM / FM / CD audio system with HD-radio, USB and Bluetooth. The price includes two years of free service, and technical assistance on the road. While, the Scion announces acceleration to hundred in 7 seconds, until now the best result was only 8.3 seconds.


At the New York Auto Show in 2014 Japanese automaker introduced the limited edition coupe Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0. This special series is marked by a set of improvements from Toyota Racing Development, to highlight the novelty among twin brothers Toyota and Subaru. Release Series 1.0 has received a revised body kit, modified exhaust tips, and got even smaller ground clearance.

The special edition coupe was only available in bright yellow color. In the cabin there were comfortable seats in a “bucket” shape finished with leather, the TRD steering wheel, as well as new tips on the gear knob and handbrake.

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