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Scion TC

Over the past few decades, young people became more active, self consistent and independent. They have formed their own tastes and preferences, including automotive. Many automakers quickly realized that and began to introduce the models specifically for young buyers not only in age, but also in soul. Sometimes they even create a special brand for this purpose. For example, in 2004, Toyota management decided to begin the production of Scion cars. The most widespread was three-door coupe tC, introduced in 2004. It has become one of the most affordable sports models and six years later they began to release the second generation coupe, which we are going to talk about in Scion TC Review.


The car has matured and therefore looks more solid and courageous, but its main feature is brevity. Its style is a further development of the concept Fuse (four years old design), which symbolized a racing helmet with its shape. Soft lines were replaced by faces and straights, the profile has become more angular, and perhaps the most remarkable part - kink thick C-pillars with the reverse slope. The front desk is painted black, so the windshield seems panoramic from a distance. The front end bears the features of sedans Toyota Camry and Lexus HS250h - elongated narrow headlights and grille. And increased air intake in the bumper adds aggressiveness. The “shoulders” of the new tC are significantly expanded and have little lights on them.

At the heart of the coupe is a new platform, shared with the Toyota Avensis and Lexus HS250h. Compared to the previous generation model, it almost did not add to the size. The length and wheelbase remained unchanged (4,420 and 2,700 mm, respectively), the same as the height (1415 mm). But the width increased by 40 mm (to 1796 mm). Weight thus increased by approximately 30 kg, mainly due to the additional equipment.


The interior decoration became much richer and more interesting than before, and finishing materials have become much better. The standard panoramic roof makes the car brighter inside. The epitome of the sport spirit is the three-spoke steering wheel with a flat rim at the bottom and leather perforated. The steering column is adjustable in two directions; the driver's seat has also a sufficient range of settings. The front seats, by the way, are wider and have better lateral support; moreover, they are sheathed with better cloth. On the back row it is quite roomy, and to get there you just simply slide the front seats. In addition, the backs of the rear seats are regulated by the angle of inclination. But tall passengers may still experience the limited headroom. The boot capacity is 362 liters and with the rear seats folded - 977 l.


The new engine for a car is borrowed from the Toyota Camry. 4-cylinder 2.5-liter with variable valve timing adjustment system VVT-i is 20 hp more powerful (180 hp. at 6000 rev / min), and at low speeds the traction is improved. Although the maximum torque of 234 Nm is achieved at a fairly high 4100 rev / min, the motor easily revs into gear and reaches the “red zone” (6300 rev / min). The exhaust sound is significant, but pleasant and not intrusive. The dynamics was also improved: the acceleration to 100 km / h takes 7.6 seconds, which is about half a second better than its predecessor.

Productivity and Drive

The fuel consumption fell to 10.2 liters / 100 km in the urban cycle and 7.6 l / 100 km in a country. The new 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions played not the last role in the fuel economy. Scion tC is equipped with electric power steering, but at first the change is imperceptible. The steering wheel is well-set so the steering is very informative. Extended track contributes to better stability in cornering. Stiffer springs and 18 inch tires have a positive effect on controllability although the drive comfort does not particularly suffer. But understeer is felt due to the heavy front part of a front-wheel drive coupe.

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