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Škoda is a successful and world-famous Czech automobile manufacturer. Today, it’s included as a compound of Volkswagen Group, which sells cars under Škoda marque among others. Its headquarters are in Mladá Boleslav, the Czech Republic.


As it was with many internationally recognized car manufacturers, Václav Laurin, a bicycle manufacturer, and Václav Klement, a bookseller, started small – in 1895, they opened a bicycle repair shop in Jungbunzlau, Austria-Hungary (present-day Mladá Boleslav, the Czech Republic). By the way, the Škoda Auto University is located here nowadays.

Several years later, they decided to innovate Slavia bicycles of their own production by equipping them with an auxiliary engine. Such a model became rather popular, though, it could hardly be called a safe one. It prompted them to ask Robert Bosch, a German ignition expert, for advice on how to create a safer vehicle. Their collaboration resulted in the production of motorcycles both in Austria-Hungary and abroad and honour to be known as inventors of this kind of vehicles.

In 1905, they represented the first own-produced Voiturette A automobile that lent éclat to them as reliable car manufacturers. However, 1925 was marked with the end of the history of the Laurin & Klement marque. The L & K company amalgamated with the Škodaworks Pilsen, one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Europe. However, the name “Laurin & Klement” has come down to us. It’s used to denote the luxury cars interior trim.

Since then, the company has gone through many hardships; there were ups and downs. In 1991, it consolidated with the Volkswagen Group. The company became it’s the wholly owned subsidiary in 2000.

Environmental Concern

Škoda cares not only about its clients’ comfort and safety but about the environment and future of the generations to come as well. The manufacturer develops corresponding strategies all the time to create as environmental friendly vehicles as possible. Significant progress in this area has been made.

In particular, Škoda equips its cars with modern, efficient engines and applies state-of-the-art technologies in order to minimize fuel consumption and gas emissions such as start-stop system, low rolling resistance tyres, and brake energy recuperation. Also, the Škoda 2018 Growth strategy and Volkswagen Group’s environmental strategy aim to reduce water consumption and increase the amount of waste recycled. Škoda takes care about their vehicles after their working life expires: the manufacturer either re-purchases them or maximizes the use of recyclable components.

In such a way, Škoda autos owners don’t need to sacrifice their comfort and enjoyment of driving to environment protection. They can successfully combine both. Besides, the modernization doesn’t set them back additional costs.

It doesn’t matter what type of engine is in your car, diesel or patrol. Both of them don’t exceed emission limits. Due to direct fuel injection and supercharging, a driver and passengers can enjoy top-notch performance while doing good to the environment.

What Škoda Offers Today

Currently, Škoda produces nine model lines in more than 100 countries: Citigo, New Fabia, Roomster, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti, Superb, New Superb, and Praktik. Besides, it makes trucks, buses, aircraft engines, and agricultural machinery.

As you can see, Škoda model range is rather diverse. It includes compact cars for megalopolises driving (Škoda Fabia Scout), all-wheel drive crossovers for off-road conditions (Škoda Yeti), and five-seater minivans (Škoda Roomster) for family trips. Škoda Superb business-class sedans and estate cars must be to many businessmen and business ladies’ liking.

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