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Skoda Yeti

For any manufacturer the restyling is not only the update of a model in order to maintain the interest from buyers, but also the corrections of previous errors, whether they occurred in design, technology, productivity or marketing. Crossover Skoda Yeti got only headlights updated. Is the car is so good? Let’s find out from Skoda Yeti Review.


By and large, the main deterrent to sales of Yeti was precisely appearance. Unready to experiments the fans of conservative Czech style conceived crossover with a hint of hostility. Yeti looked rather cartoonish and frivolous on the background of austerity of the rest in the lineup. Although young people and other more progressive audience paid attention to Skoda thanks to Yeti still there were not enough of new customers.

That is why Czechs did not hesitate to restyle the only controversial element of the car - headlights. At the same time they modified bumpers, grille and for symmetry - the rear optics. Frowning, Yeti has become stricter and more solid. The only remaining original stylistic detail is visually divided body.


Inside, there are fewer innovations. As is the case with the updated Skoda Superb, after the interior restyling Czech crossover got a new steering wheel and gear lever DSG. Everything else is left in place, and this is good. Only the French can compete with the Czechs in the functional organization of the interior space in limited conditions. The salon of Skoda Yeti is a model of ergonomics and comfort. Front seats are neutral in form and profile: a person of any body type will feel comfortable in them. And taking into account the adjustment ranges (including two steering) even tall passengers will not have troubles with accommodation.

Attention to detail Skoda has completely borrowed from parent Volkswagen Group: the salon is literally packed with retractable drawers, hooks, shelves, bars, cup holders, pockets, straps and fasteners. There is even a special lock for the seat belt buckle. Skoda Yeti has not very big but comfortable trunk 405 liters, which is added with the possibility to move forward, fold or remove the rear seat, increasing the space to a maximum of 1580 liters.


Yeti is provided with four motors, and all are turbocharged: 2.0-liter diesel and three petrol. The most harmonious possible, but not the most functional on equipment is 1.4 TSI with 122 hp. The only complaint about Skoda is that with this engine Yeti can only be a front wheel drive. But a related Tiguan has this motor with all-wheel drive transmission. Anyway, Skoda Yeti demonstrates flexibility and dynamics of the drive. The adjustment of the suspension and steering is a sample of balance. In terms of stability in cornering, steering informativeness and clarity of behavior Yeti has no equals.

Performance and Drive

As you might guess, off-road ability of front drive crossover is relative. Increased ground clearance and good geometry of short bumpers is only suitable for overcoming asphalt irregularities. One way or another, and on potholes Yeti rides boldly, most importantly - not to get into the soft ground. Due to good ground clearance, the length of a small base, and hefty wheel arches, Yeti attracts with great geometric cross.

Brief Specifications of Skoda Yeti 1.4 TSI:

- Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 4223 × 1793 × 1691;

- Curb weight, kg 1375;

- Ground clearance, mm 180;

- Cargo Volume, L 405/1580;

- Fuel tank, l 55;

- Motor Gasoline, 1.4 L, 122 hp;

- Gearbox robotic 7;

- Drive – Front wheel;

- Acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 10.6 s.;

- Maximum speed km / h 182;

- Fuel consumption, l / 100 km 6,6.

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