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Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza of fourth generation is created on one platform with a crossover XV. The cars have the same front panel in the cabin, the same body side, front fenders, grille, lighting fixtures and other details. But the sedan has smaller ground clearance (145 mm versus 220), suspension settings and two engines instead of one. At the same time, the Impreza has not become larger than the previous generation model. On the other hand, becoming lighter and with new engines, the Impreza is now characterized by low fuel consumption. The car features excellent visibility due to lower front panel and lower bottom edge of the side windows. The mirrors also occupied a new place on the door, and extra triangular windows perfectly fit instead of them. Well, the main and traditional advantage of Subaru Impreza is the opposed engines combined with permanent all-wheel drive.

Technical Equipment

The base sedan, on the one hand, does not possess the rich equipment, however it is difficult to say that the package is poor: high-quality fabric upholstery, adjustable steering, electric drive, heated side mirrors, separating armrest between the front seats, windows with electric drive, washer with heated nozzles, rear wiper, climate control, and cabin air filter. In the “richer” configuration there are: leather-covered steering wheel and gearshift knob (Multipurpose), leather upholstery, navigation, rear view camera, dual-zone climate control, engine start button, paddle shifters to change gears in imitation of the variable ration unit, electric sunroof, xenon headlights, premium class audio system and multi-function display.


The engines for the next generation are also new, the FB series of 1.6 and 2.0 liters. They have different sizes CPG and lightweight connecting rods. They have become a little more economical, but there is no fundamental difference in comparison with the aggregates EL and EJ. Junior engine is aggregated with 5-step mechanics, the oldest is available with 6-step. New generation with its 114-horsepower engine has acceleration time 12.3 seconds, on the five-step mechanics 12.6. The performance of two-liter version (150 hp) is even better - 10.5 or 11.1 seconds, depending on the type of transmission.

Vehicle suspension is tough and energy-intensive, at the same time the body and the wheel are well insulated from shocks and bumps. There is a high level of noise insulation, the drive is only full. Standard Subaru with manual transmission 4WD has a symmetrical center differential, visco coupling lockable; and if necessary 80% of torque can be transmitted to any of the axes. And Impreza rear wheels are connected with the slippage of the front with the help of the multi-plate clutch with electronic control.


If we talk about safety of a new generation, the first thing to be noted is reinforced body structure. Stiffening frame of the ring-shaped profile enhance interior, creating a structure of increased rigidity, which makes it easier to dissipate impact energy in a collision. In addition, it is offered with more robust, but also lightweight stainless steel. The list of equipment even in the basic version looks pretty serious: front airbags, fastening ISOFIX, anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist System (BAS), electronic stability programme (ESP). The more expensive versions additionally have: side airbags and curtain airbags, hill-start assist, adaptive headlights.

Impreza and the brand Subaru itself has army of fans of the combination of opposite engine + four-wheel drive. Even as a second-hand, these cars are advantageous due to their reliability and high level of technical equipment. And for this generation a positive feature is even greater comfort.

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