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Suzuki Bandit

The motorcycle has always been associated with speed, drive and irrepressible energy. The modern motor market is simply full of variety of modernistic copies of two-wheeled machinery. However, there are individual samples that require special attention, and Suzuki Bandit GSF600 is worth mentioning. Thus it will be the subject of our Suzuki Bandit Review.

Bike Drive

Bandit 600 is one of the most popular models among motorcyclists, especially beginners. And this fact has quite logical explanation which is proven on closer inspection. Despite its intimidating name, the Bandit shows great tolerance to its driver. It is quite gentle, friendly and comfortable when driving.

Even at high speeds it moves smoothly, without jerks and vertiginous accelerations, which makes it a great road bike and allows quite easy passing of the medium and small bumps. However, despite its apparent external liberalism, Suzuki Bandit can easily mutate to a street fighter. Therefore, it requires quite vigilant attitude.


With regard to the external design of the bike this version is a pleasant surprise. It is evident that the producers tried to create a perfect dresser and they succeeded. The Bandit 600 has got the changed shape of chassis, new suspension, large fuel tank, as well as a computerized dashboard. In addition, the bike got “fashionable” carburetors with throttle position sensor and an additional fuel filter.

The updated version Naked also looks very attractive and is still aggressively classical. The bike is very dynamic and tough, and this does not prevent it from maintaining good stability on the road. Calm and even temper with high flexibility makes Suzuki Bandit a decent “citizen”.

Technical Features of Suzuki Bandit 600

Since its inception to the present day the popularity of Suzuki Bandit only grew, and now the motorcycle continues to be at the peak of its fame in the status of a cult road bike.

Below are the main characteristics:

- Length – 2060mm

- Width – 770mm

- Height – 1090mm

- Seat height – 800 mm

- Engine type - 4-cylinder

- Number of cycles – 4

- Engine capacity – 599 cm3

- Power 78/10500

- Launching motor - electric

- Cooling - air-oil

- Transmission - manual

- Drive - chain

- Wheelbase - 1430 mm

- Fuel tank capacity - 19l

- Maximum speed – 200 km / h

- Torque - 54 Nm / 9500 rev. /min.

- Weight – 208kg.

Bandit is a true living legend, numbering more than a dozen years. And, despite its rather advanced age, the motorcycle continues to be the same desired unit in America, Europe and, of course, Japan.

In 2000 occurred the absolute transformation of Suzuki Bandit GSF 600: another form of the bike, changed dimensions of chassis, new suspension, carburetor with throttle position sensor, a large gasoline tank and a second fuel filter.

As for the price of Suzuki it is quite flexible. For example, in a showroom the bike can be purchased for around $ 11,000, while used Bandit, in excellent condition, can cost you a maximum of $ 5000. Everything depends on the capabilities and desires of the buyer.

Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit - is a great bike, with sufficiently powerful and smooth draft effect, it has very “peaceful” for the Bandit disposition and a portion of predictability.

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