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Suzuki Jimny

The compact three-door SUV Suzuki Jimny traces its history from the Suzuki Samurai, it has a frame body structure, rigid beam axle, dependent 3-lever suspension and four-wheel drive. The capacity of 1.3-liter engine is 86 hp at a curb weight of the car about a ton, the engine complies with the environmental standards Euro-4. Suzuki Jimny is managed by four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. This is just a short characteristic, so let’s find out more details in this Suzuki Jimny Review.


Suzuki Jimny interior is quite simple, and in this case this is an advantage. Inside, there are not many changes; the dashboard is devoid of frills. The rear windows do not open. The large side mirrors facilitate maneuvering so that they virtually take over the functions of rear-view mirror. With all its utilitarian and underlined minimalism inside Jimny is still very convenient. Options Mode3 is a top, so instead of fabric trimmed seats there is leatherette. Large niche for the front passenger ideally accommodates for example a purse, there is no need to reach to the back. The niche fits your mobile phone, glasses and other small items without crowding. The luggage compartment of Suzuki Jimny with the rear seats folded increases from 113 liters to 324 liters.


Hold function on the automatic transmission box can improve fuel economy when driving at high speeds. Wheel drive transmission is controlled by the clutch connection of the front axle. The lever of a distributing box has three standard positions - 2H, 4H and 4L. The engine is 1.3-liter with capacity of 85 hp and a torque of 110 Nm / 4100 rev / min. Jimny maximum speed is 135 km / h; however it can be used only as an experiment, the speed of 100 km / h is rather comfortable.


Passive safety of Suzuki Jimny is provided with three-point seat belts ELRna on all seats, and the front seats are also equipped with airbags and pretensioners. Body and frame are designed with the help of computer modeling to absorb the energy of a frontal impact and its dispersion. Built-in protection door beams are also designed to ensure the integrity of the passenger compartment in a crash.


The standard “JLX” vehicle includes: anti-lock braking system ABS, air conditioning, immobilizer, power steering, heated front seats, central locking with remote control, power windows, audio system with CD and 4 speakers, fog lamps at the front bumper, electric mirrors, transfer box push-button control, roof railings, wheels and tires with dimensions 205/70 R15.

The main function of Jimny is a cross-country drive, due to the short overhangs and the base, as well as the size it is really possible to get into the very dense forest, and four-wheel drive and damper settings will get you out of it in any weather. The mechanism of pneumatic wheel hubs locking provides an opportunity to select mono- and all wheel drive. The modes are selected by pressing one button, while on the go.

High clearance, short overhangs and a base, really bright appearance with all its conservatism, compact size (allowing to overcome the passages, where full-size SUVs can’t fit), off road performance – all this makes Suzuki Jimny a good option for commuters and connoisseurs of all types of outdoor recreation.

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