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Suzuki Kizashi

The list of models in D-class is quite extensive. The buyer can choose an affordable sedan, or a richer equipped and expensive model of a premium class, these are sport cars and spacious family cars. Some automakers have long been producing such models, while others - such as Suzuki, for example, only discover the D-class. The Japanese manufacturer has shown such a sedan for the first time in the history, and we decided to see in Suzuki Kizashi Review whether it can compete with already proven Hyundai Sonata and Nissan Altima.


In Japanese Kizashi means the phrase “something grandiose is approaching”. Suzuki draws attention with its expressive large headlights that make a menacing look of the car, and they are well combined with branded rectangular grille. Slightly flared wheel arches add muscles to the car. The car looks quite unusual in its high profile (1480 mm) body and a small angle of the roof racks inclination. The trunk lid is crowned by a spoiler, and stylish elongated exhaust pipes are integrated into the rear bumper.


Suzuki cabin is decorated with leather and high-quality plastic, which gives sporty notes. Thus, the three-spoke steering wheel has a small diameter, and the speedometer and tachometer dials are made in the style of a motorcycle – they are in the separate wells. The lights are bright red, and there are a lot of aluminum inserts in the finishing. The switches of audio system and climate control are large enough and there are two liquid crystal displays between them.

The front seats offer good back support, and they are equipped with electric heating. But the steering column is adjustable in height only. Between the seats there is an armrest with a spacious box inside. But the advantage of Suzuki is the abundance of overhead space, while in Nissan and Hyundai it is limited due to the large inclination of rear pillars angle. In addition, the Kizashi cabin is the widest, so three passengers can easily fit in the back row. The most capacious luggage compartment is 464 liters in the Sonata, Suzuki - 461 liters, and Nissan - 433 l.


Kizashi SDLX is equipped with 2.4-liter engine, which just like Hyundai develops 178 hp at 6000 rev / min. Maximum torque of 230 Nm is available from 4000 rev / min. The car shows good dynamics - from zero to 100 km / h in 8.8 seconds, maximum speed is 205 km / h. 4-cylinder engine differs with smoothness. Suzuki consumes 11 liters / 100 km in town and 6.3 l / 100 km in the country.

Suzuki chassis settings will appeal to active drivers. Its steering is precise and sharp, despite the electric power. The road adherence is great even in front-wheel version, and understeer is practically unfelt. Kizashi suspension is very resilient, but the drive comfort is quite acceptable, even on the poor quality roads. A body in turns demonstrates very small rolls. The sedan brakes are the best in this comparison: a full stop from 100 km / h takes 37.2 m.

Suzuki Kizashi 2,4 SDLX attracts with good handling, a spacious interior and a good safety bundle. Its price is around 38500$.

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