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Suzuki SX4

Every year in the vast and diverse segment of SUVs the compact and low-end models become increasingly popular. As a rule, they are used by urban residents, because these cars are maneuverable and do not take up much space in the parking lot. High ground clearance helps to overcome curbs, and all wheel drive is very handy in the winter. In addition, these SUVs are quite economical. Among such models are Chevrolet Tracker, Skoda Yeti and Suzuki SX4, which are the protagonists of our comparative Suzuki SX4 Review.


Suzuki SX4 of the second generation is a new in this trio, its production started only in 2014. On the side you can notice its raised back, the rectangular grille is combined with a small air intake in the bumper, large lights on top of the hood are covered with bends. The lower part of the body is decorated with black plastic, while the front and rear bumpers have visible chrome inserts. On the back there are eye-catching compact triangular lights, and a small spoiler on the roof.

Suzuki is the largest among the three - up to 4300 mm in length, against 4248 mm Chevrolet and 4223 mm Skoda. It also has the largest wheelbase - 2600 mm, while the Yeti - 2578 mm, and the Tracker - 2555 mm. Interestingly, at the same time SX4 is noticeably lighter than its rivals: it weighs 1190 kg, while American car is 1382 kg, and Czech - 1555 kg.


The Suzuki interior decoration is predominantly leather and there are a lot of silver inserts that imitate polished aluminum. The front panel is shaped like outstretched wings. Three-spoke steering wheel is very small. The devices are supplemented with bright blue rims and red illumination. Inside the speedometer there is a fuel gauge pointer and in the tachometer - engine temperature sensor. In the center there is an on-board computer display. The central panel is broad and the blocks of audio system and climate control keys are clearly separated from each other. The keys are large and easy to use. The steering column is adjustable in height and tilt. The heated front seats offer good lateral support. Suzuki and Chevrolet have not so wide “shoulders” area, so space for three adults on the second row is not enough. Skoda has the most capacious luggage - 410-510 liters (depending on seat position) against 430 liters in Suzuki and 356 l in Chevrolet. With folded rear seats it is increased to 1760, 1269 and 1370 liters respectively.

Powertrain and Performance

SX4 volume of 4-cylinder engine is slightly smaller than its rivals - 1.6 liters. Therefore, it is not as powerful - 120 hp at 6000 rev / min. This is a high-speed motor and its maximum 156 Nm of torque is achieved at 4400 rev / min. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 13.5 seconds, while top speed is 165 km / h. CVT is set up nice and it helps to save fuel. Therefore, Suzuki uses less than the other two cars - 7.6 l / 100 km in the city and 5.4 L / 100 km on the highway. Suzuki is very entertaining to drive; its steering is precise and is filled with the weight as the speed grows. The rear differential is equipped with an electronic lock, which helps to overcome understeer. SX4 demonstrates good maneuverability. Off-road vehicle suspension is rather rigid, so road bumps are felt. But unwanted body movement when cornering occurs less frequently than in case with rivals.

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