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Toyota Hybrid-R

Hybrid cars are always in the limelight of observers & average people. Toyota Hybrid-R (Yaris) is not an exception. Since the first teaser, this model has been much talked about. Indeed, there is plenty to chat about. Let’s review Toyota Hybrid-R in details.

Hybrid-R Highlights

Toyota decided to choose a renowned Yaris for putting innovative hybrid technologies into life. The vehicle’s exterior has been developed according to Keen Look philosophy. The hood received futuristic optical components with enlarged air inlets, seasoned with blue & black accents. Blue LED running lights underline the car’s eco destination. The fuel tank, located in the rear, facilitates fast and trouble-free filling-in.

Dilated side wings hide custom-made 18-inch TRD wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires. The wheels disguise large perforated disk brakes with 6-piston supports in the front & 4-piston supports in the back.

Inside, the Hybrid R looks posh: leather & alcantara upholstery, black or blue trimming, sport-style steering wheel with powertrain mode controls (Road, Boost or Track), Recaro seats, Toyota Scion FR-S/GT86 pedals, ergonomic cockpit, and advanced equipment.

Innovative Powertrain

Toyota Hybrid R comes furnished with an innovative powerplant. The front-end boasts the integration of a 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol engine, yielding 300 horsepower & 420 nm of torque; the rear-end employs a pair of electric motors (on each wheel), rated at 60 horsepower each. Therefore, the driver might expect to get 420 horsepower from this tiny state-of-the-art hybrid.

The powertrain is mated with a 6-speed sequential transmission. It serves as an electric generator that redistributes power between the axles. When front wheels start creeping, the power superfluity is reduced and transferred to the rear motors; the latter control the traction vector which substitutes the active differential (e-4WD, aka electronic four-wheel drive).

Another interesting fact about this hybrid hatchback is that it features CAN-Gateway ECU system. It records various data (GPS navigation, angles of slope, shifting, engine revs, temperature of coolant, etc.) on USB drive. This info might be further on transferred to the gaming console with the purpose to simulate driving on racing track in popular gaming applications. So far, it’s not obvious whether this concept car will come into production; however, the elaborations will be implemented within other hybrid practices.

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