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Toyota Land Cruiser

In the automotive industry there is a lot of interesting cars with rich biography, which has already become history. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series is one of those rare models, whose life cycle seems not to end ever. It was popular 10 and 20 years ago, and now it is relevant because there is almost no alternative. TLC 70 is preferred by Islamists of the Middle East and the Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula, farmers in South America and Russian hunters. It is respected by UN officials and environmentalists around the world. Finally, in 2014 for the 30th anniversary of Toyota they decided to return the 70th series in refined domestic market of Japan. Toyota Land Cruiser Review will tell about this exclusive version.

Interior and Exterior

Toyota offers anniversary Land Cruiser in SUV and pickup truck bodies, the latter received four doors, practical body length, which can fit up to 600 kg of cargo. Luggage compartment of SUV is spacious, 137 cm deep (with the seats folded), 145 cm wide and 112 cm high, giving a total of about 2270 liters of space.

Like the Land Cruiser 70, whose sales continued in Australia and Africa, anniversary modernized model, which has a great resemblance to the original, looks like the embodiment of any traveler’s dream: SUV has a minimum ground clearance of 20 cm, a pickup even more - 22.6 cm. The car has sturdy frame with a rigid cross beams, built-in electric windlass, all-wheel drive with automatically lockable hubs, having two modes of operation, and optional lock of front and rear differentials.

Performance and Powertrain

The angles of entry and exit of the pickup are 35/25 degrees respectively, which is better than the Ford Raptor with its 30/23. The performance of SUV - 33/23 is close to the parameters of the new 4Runner TRD Pro with angles of 33/26, but not as aggressive as FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition - 34/31. In any case, in the cab of Land Cruiser you will rarely hear such words as “well, we stuck”.

The driving force source is the engine 1GR-FE, V6 capacity of four liters, familiar from various models 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and Tacoma. But the Australians and Africans often saw LC70 with a six-cylinder in-line or V-shaped eight-cylinder turbo diesel. 1GR-FE version for the Japanese market produces 228 hp and 360 Nm of torque, and in spite of considerable weight, which it has to deal with - from 2110 kg (the SUV) up to 2180 kg (pick-up) it copes the task perfectly well. In fact, LC70 is a bit slow - acceleration from zero to 100 km / h takes about nine seconds, although the five-step mechanics adds zest to the process, which gives the false feeling of alertness. Transmission box is simple and easy to manage. The same can be said about the adherence, the clutch forgives you all mistakes.

Drive and Security

The drive on Land Cruiser 70 resembles the modern Tacoma V6 4x4, except that the brake of Land Cruiser are more coherent (LC 70 has larger front brake discs, while Tacoma has drum brake), and the interior strongly resembles Toyota pickup of 1980. The gear of changing speeds, sensors, door handles, door lock button and adjustments of the climate control system (even the exhaust vent with the same sliders) - everything is traditional, as if the “time capsule” was found in Toyota. A list of LC70 security systems is far from modern standards, unless you think ABS, twin front airbags, head restraints and seat belts is a perfect combination.

On potholes rigid front (on screw racks) and back (on springs) suspension significantly sway the vehicle, but in other conditions LC70 drive is pretty comfortable. The specific shape of the body creates a significant noise of the oncoming air flow on the highway, although in general Land Cruiser 70 cabin is quite comfortable, even when the motor spins up to 3000 rpm at 120 km / h. SUV is equipped with tires Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 265 / 70R16 on the “sevens”, and pickup has thin and tough Dunlop SP Qualifier TG21 7.50R16LT on thinner steel rims width of 5.5 inches, the TG21 tires are ideal for dirt and other off-road pleasures.

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