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Toyota MR2

This car does not need a spacious luggage compartment, it does not allow the driver to relax behind the wheel; Toyota MR-2 is a car for “public” event, where you get a chance to show yourself and to see the reaction of others. The car has similarities in appearance with Porsche and everyone’s exclamations are the great proof that this car is worth of attention in Toyota MR2 Review.


Indeed, Toyota MR-2 is remarkably similar to the Porsche, especially the model Boxter: the same mid-engine layout, rear-wheel drive and bulging fenders. Of course, any owner would be pleased that his car is compared with a famous sports car. But this does not mean that the Japanese are engaged in plagiarism. The biography of Toyota MR-2 is almost twenty years. Over the years, there were three generations of this model, but the creators of the MR-2 have always remained true to the traditions, which started in 1984 - the location of the motor and drive system of this small sports car have not changed. The car is made in the same style as the other company vehicles.


Inside the cabin you squeeze yourself like in a fighter cabin or cockpit of formula car. And if the roof is raised, it is necessary to be careful not to touch its lower edge with a head. The seats are quite hard. Three mechanical adjustments (length, backrest angle and pillows) are enough for convenient positioning behind the wheel with adjustable column. But tall people may experience discomfort due to the fact that the head is almost at the level of the glass edge.

Toyota MR-2 is equipped with full power, “music”, heated rear window in the hardtop (which, incidentally, included as standard), and heated seats. It is good that the seats are not leather, as in hot weather it can cause discomfort due to the absence of the air conditioner. By the way, with raised tent the visibility through the mirrors is not affected.


Since 2003, Toyota MR-2 was equipped with 6-speed manual gear box, but if you check the previous version it might turn out to be even more interesting. The gear box selector is strongly reminiscent of the lever of an automatic transmission. The car has sequential (with series connection of transmission) manual transmission with automatic clutch (there is no pedal). There are three modes – “back”, “neutral” and “drive” which are displayed on the instrument panel directly in front of the driver's eyes. You can switch either with a lever or by pressing one of the buttons on the steering wheel. The buttons on the steering wheel are located on both sides, but low.

Under the hood of Toyota MR-2 is naturally aspirated 1.8-liter engine capacity of 140 hp. Other engines are not provided. The engine is equipped with variable valve timing VVT-i, and therefore it is quite elastic. When the motor gains more than 4000 rev / min, the MR-2 easily “shoots” forward.


It is hard to call the suspension stiff, but the body roll is present in the corners. Front and rear McPherson struts work out irregularities without breakdown. At any speed Toyota MR-2 instantly responds to the rotation of acute (2.7 turns) steering. But this responsiveness requires concentration at higher speeds. Despite the fact that at the back the MR-2 has wider and low-profile tires (205/50 R15 against 185/55 R15 front), the vehicle is easy to skid. But rear-wheel drive lovers will appreciate and use the car oversteer – it is easy to manage, not only in terms of steering, but also – acceleration. The main thing is to stabilize the car after all. On dry pavement it offers super drive, but on slippery surfaces you need to behave more cautiously. The feelings behind the wheel of MR-2 are similar to what you experience in a cart. You sit low, the engine roars behind you, the car responds immediately to steering wheel, the slightest shift of the rear wheels is felt immediately.

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