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Toyota Prius

For years, Prius owners were forced to sacrifice style, dynamics and handling for the sake of efficiency. The new Toyota Prius is hoping to change the situation, becoming more economical than ever before, more stylish in appearance and more dynamic. After all, why can’t we get everything at once? This car is high-performance and it will be described in Toyota Prius Review.

Towertrain and Performance

Significantly modified system Hybrid Synergy Drive complements the improved aerodynamic efficiency. Its basis is a modified version of 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder Prius engine. More lightweight and thermally efficient, this 2ZR-FXE has an output of 95 hp and 142 Nm of torque. As before, it co-works with two electric motors: Motor Generator 1 (MG1) is responsible for starting the petrol engine and recharging the batteries, and the main motor Main Electric Motor (MG2) produces 71 hp and 162 Nm and is responsible for the movement of Prius in standalone mode, or in assistance mode for the main gasoline engine in situations requiring additional power. The total system power - 121 hp, 13 hp less than the previous generation of the Prius, although Toyota blamed this decline on the method of calculating the power used by Japanese engineers.

Fuel Consumption and Drive

It is not difficult to guess that the main goal was once again to improve efficiency. According to estimates of Toyota, most models of Prius 2016 model year use 4.3 / 4.7 / 4.5 liters per 100 km in city / highway / combined cycle, which is lower than the model 2015 with its 4.6 / 4 9 / 4,7 liters by almost 5%. At the same time there are even more stingy Prius - version of the Prius Two Eco. This model is an expert on the issue of efficiency. Instead of previous nickel-metal hydride batteries the car received energy-intensive light lithium-ion, it got rid of the spare tire, heavy Electric seats, rear wiper, and got more thermally efficient windshield with yellow spatter and tires with low rolling resistance. As a result of this manipulation the vehicle became lighter by 18 kg than the nearest complete version of the Prius, and its consumption should be as low as 4.0 / 4.4 / 4.2 liters per 100 km, which is 12% less than that of the economical predecessor.

Exterior and Interior

The greatest changes occurred with a body of Prius in 2016. The usage of a new platform based on Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) allowed the Prius to become lower, longer and more economical, but also to improve its aerodynamics compared with the model, which is replaced. In Prius decisive lines and edges, there is something subtly attractive (apart from that, they are necessary to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of a more angular Prius 2016). Work on aerodynamics, which includes, inter alia, forward displacement of the roof nearly by 18 cm in comparison with a precursor, flaps on the grille and the new panel at the bottom, improves the aerodynamic coefficient up to 0.24.

Prius 2016 model is easier to drive and nicer to stay in. The instrument panel in the style of Mirai looks much better, trim became soundly, the quality of materials used in general is a big step forward compared to the previous model. Versions Three and up are also available in a variant with Faux leather trim and optional active safety features including radar cruise control system to aid movement of the bands and a display projected on the windshield. The back seat is still quite roomy, luggage compartment volume is adequate.

Price and Trim Levels

Toyota Prius 2016 cost will remain the same as a previous model and will start at $ 25 035. Version Two Eco is available with an additional charge of only $ 500, that is $ 25 535. Prius Three will cost a bit more $ 27,085, which is followed by Prius Three Touring with price tag $ 28 935. Prius Four can be purchased for $ 29,485, and the most expensive acquisition is Prius Four Touring - $ 30 835.

If you do not mind a limited list of options, the best version for you will be the Prius Two Eco. This is a very economical car for quite adequate money. The higher level of equipment, especially when it comes to Touring, offers more dynamic functions and thus you get more driving fun.

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